A Little Bit from Elaine

Elaine Carlson will provide weekly columns to the Beat.

By Elaine Carlson

I have been thinking I might want to buy a book (or maybe several) to carry me over if the Pandemic goes on much longer. Maybe such a purchase is how I can use some of my Stimulus Check.

The first book I want to consider is John Bolton's The Room Where It Happened. I realize President Trump tried to block its publication and is now very mad at author. Even so I am not sure it is something I want to purchase.

By Elaine Carlson

At the Primary Election I voted at the polling place. I know absentee voting is just as valid, but, somehow I feel more like I am "really" voting when I wait for election day and have to travel across town to be able to vote.

Just after eleven in the morning I make it to the Grant County Administration Center – the single polling place in Silver City. As I started to walk to the end of the line a woman told me to get in front of her. I ask if people will be mad at me for cutting in. The man behind her said no. And that he had been thinking of telling me to get in front of him.

By Elaine Carlson

I have been listening to the Public Service Announcements telling how important our census is and encouraging everyone to return the census questionnaire. I looked online but now I forget if the U. S. Census Bureau says they sent them out in March or April. I almost want to contact them to ask why they didn't send a questionnaire to me and my husband. 

It is just that I am sure they mailed the form and I know why we didn't get it. I say that because the last time around (the 2010 Census) we also did not get their questionnaire . Both times they sent them to our street address. But we have a mail box and don't get our mail at our house.

Perhaps An Unfair Comparison

by Elaine Carlson

"In the winter of 1665-66 Trinity College in Cambridge closed its doors owing to the plague. [Isaac] Newton returned to his home in the English countryside. " (David Berlinski, A Tour of the Calculus Pantheon Books 1997 New York pg 5).

But Newton did not need a college campus to continue his learning (maybe thinking would be a better word). Berlinski relates how "In the year that followed" that young scientist (he was twenty-three at the time) "invented the calculus, discovered the universal law of gravitation (and so created contemporary dynamics), and developed a theory of color." Since then that year is referred to as the annus mirabilis or year of miracles.

By Elaine Carlson

The day after New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announces her Stay In Place Directive I decided I would keep busy by reading. For my first book I picked up Down and Out In Paris and London. It was the first book Eric Blair wrote under the pen name George Orwell. I got it a long time ago and I was sure this period of Social Distancing would be a good time to read it.

I am not sure if the book is a memoir or a novel. In the first part the narrator is living in the poor section of Paris and working as a dish washer in a fancy restaurant. Blair was a British writer who once lived in the poor section of Paris while working as a dishwasher in a fancy restaurant.

By Elaine Carlson

Whenever I hear our public radio station asking people to give them the cars they no longer need, I think of my brother's experience when he donated a car to his local Goodwill .