By Abe Villarreal

We’re too afraid to know what we don’t know. These days, we know less and less of what we should now.

 Sounds like a riddle. With so many ways of consuming information, we are choosing less and less consumption of important things, life-changing things.

 We go where

By Abe Villarreal

At a funeral this week, a stranger asked me my name. She wanted to reassure herself that I was the chubby Hispanic guy she recognized in the paper each week.

It’s a strange thing for someone you don’t know to feel comfortable enough to talk to you and ask your name. It’s also

By Abe Villarreal

Like no other form of communication, the written word, whether it be through proclamations or a simple text message, has had the power to bring us together, and also to divide.

On this Fourth of July, red and white stripes, and the beauty of 50 stars will be seen waving all around

By Abe Villarreal

I remember spending those long summer days at nana and tata's house, during hot, Arizona weekends in the 1990s. They put us to work, shining the bulky wooden furniture, and meticulously cleaning the complicated crevices of their bigger than life, vintage stereo console.

The thing

By Abe Villarreal

In a society where we remain on the journey to achieve equality on all measures, dads continue to get a bad rap.

Terms such as “deadbeat dads” seem to comfortably roll off our tongues.

Google the phrase single mom and you'll get far more results than searching for single dad.


By Abe Villarreal

Turning 35 years old last Friday felt like any other day of the year. I went to work. Had lunch with a friend. Attended a graduation party. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except for this: I committed to doing something new every day of my 35th year.

Impossible? I don't think so. You

By Abe Villarreal

Life can be tough. Today my best friend's dad passed away. It was unexpected. A slip in the bathroom and a cry for help. Suddenly a man's life is over.

He left behind a family of young and old kids. A loving wife. A lifetime of memories. Most importantly, he left behind the

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