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Abe Villarreal will write observations each week, usually for Friday. 

This content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Beat.

Robert Osborne and the magic of the movies

By Abe Villarreal

When I think of unforgettable movie moments, I think of the scene in The Wizard Of Oz when Dorothy and her three yellow brick road friends are sitting on the steps of the Emerald Cit-- Continue reading

Blackdom and the influence of African-Americans in New Mexico

By Abe Villarreal

For a brief time in the history of the New Mexico, a young community of African-Americans made their mark and impact.

During this month of celebration for the contributions that Blac-- Continue reading

Remembering why road trips are the best choice of travel

By Abe Villarreal

On a recent car trip from Santa Fe to Silver City, a discussion among car mates led to a debate on whether the best journeys are made through flight or automobile.

For me traveling i-- Continue reading

Small towns, big cities and two Americas

By Abe Villarreal

One way to measure the difference in opinions by large groups of Americans across these vast and connected states is to count the size of one's backyard.

In rural America, families t-- Continue reading

Nickels, dimes and the devaluing of the American worker

By Abe Villarreal

During the Great Depression, a $1.00 had the same buying power as $14.04 does today. This means that a nickel, in those times, was actually worth a nickel.

In Barbara Ehrenreich’s book-- Continue reading

Looking for the new Martin Luther Kings among us

By Abe Villarreal

I often think of what our descendants will end up naming the current age period. Will it be the Age of Surprises? The Connected Age? The Me Period? Sometimes it feels like all three-- Continue reading

Discovering forgotten Profiles in Courage

By Abe Villarreal

In the recent film Hacksaw Ridge, a young private named Desmond Doss became an unlikely hero because of his refusal to hold a firearm while he was enlisted and deployed during the Se-- Continue reading

Saying goodbye to the American Diner

By Abe Villarreal

Bar stools, comfort food and a waitress with a pencil in her hair are what you might imagine when thinking of the classic American diner.

The menus are lengthy and include everything-- Continue reading

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