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Abe Villarreal will write observations each week, usually for Friday. 

This content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Beat.

A 365-day journey to a new me

By Abe Villarreal

Turning 35 years old last Friday felt like any other day of the year. I went to work. Had lunch with a friend. Attended a graduation party. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except for th-- Continue reading

A simple legacy we can all appreciate

By Abe Villarreal

Life can be tough. Today my best friend’s dad passed away. It was unexpected. A slip in the bathroom and a cry for help. Suddenly a man’s life is over.

He left behind a family of you-- Continue reading

A summer love letter to Silver City

By Abe Villarreal

Students are almost out of school, days are longer, and you are itching for that summer getaway.

What exactly are we getting away from? Maybe it’s our daily routines. Get up, coffee, o-- Continue reading

When the world is against you, keep on smiling

By Abe Villarreal

It’s true. America is the land where anyone can dream and achieve the impossible. The opportunities are there, but yet, for some in our great country, the American dream remains out o-- Continue reading

An empty bench, a remembered person

By Abe Villarreal

There are things in life that you think are permanent, and then life reminds you that they are not. Most things are not.

For as long as I remember, Scotty was a presence at the bench-- Continue reading

Realizing mom is the answer to all your needs

By Abe Villarreal

At the age of 18, I was ready to get out of town. Growing up in a small town can have its drawbacks; at least that’s what you think at the age of 18.

Even before that age, I had my o-- Continue reading

Commemorating a 2,000-year-old Easter gift

By Abe Villarreal

It takes holidays, anniversaries, to force us to remember the important things in life. From birthdays to wedding dates, without holidays, life would just keep happening, without pau-- Continue reading

The hardest part of getting started... is getting started

By Abe Villarreal

Sometimes writing the first sentence is the hardest. The experience is similar to waking up in the morning, or heading to the gym for the first time after a long break.

A few weeks a-- Continue reading

Live from Silver City

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