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Silver City-Grant County Chamber of Commerce President Scott Terry will provide a weekly column to the Beat, featuring items and announcements of interest to the community.

For the past six years, I have heard this statement so many times it starts to make my ears bleed. Well, maybe my ears don’t bleed, but I hear this phrase way too often. So, let’s take the upcoming Labor Day Weekend… a nice three-day holiday weekend for many people on August 30 and 31, and September 1 and 2.

Friday – August 30
• Carnitas, Musica Y Mas at Gough Park in Silver City from at 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Saturday - August 31
• Grant County Rolling Stones Gem and Mineral Show at the Grant County Business and Conference Center
• Taste of Downtown (from 11:30 to 2:30 pm) and Love Local Celebration (from 9 am to 3 pm) in Silver City
• Carnitas, Musica Y Mas at Gough Park in Silver City from 11 am to 11 pm
• Grant County Rolling Stones Gem and Mineral Show at the Grant County Business & Conference Center
• Carnitas, Musica Y Mas at Gough Park in Silver City from 11 am to 5 pm
• Grant County Rolling Stones Gem and Mineral Show at the Grant County Business & Conference Center

And these events are just in Silver City. I’m certain there are other events in the surrounding towns and areas during this Labor Day Weekend.

If going to events isn’t your idea of fun, then go visit the Gila Cliff Dwellings. Go for a walk on the Catwalk at Glenwood. Visit one of the many ghost towns in the area. Try your luck fishing at Bill Evans Lake or Lake Roberts. Hike into the wilderness and find a great honey hole for trout. Take a hike on any of the numerous hiking trails in the area. Ride a bike on a trail or on a road… just get out in the fresh air and enjoy a day of pedaling. Play a round of golf at the University Course at Scott Park in Silver City. Visit historic Fort Bayard for a walking tour. Soak in hot springs located here in Grant County. See… there really are many things you can do in Grant County.

We welcome several new members to the Chamber of Commerce.

MELINDA’S MEDICAL SUPPLY located at 910 East 32nd Street in Silver City is a full line medical supply and equipment store. Melinda's carries an extensive line of products that you might need after an injury or illness or to help you prevent an injury or illness. Melinda’s is locally owned and locally operated. You can learn about Melinda’s Medical Supply by calling Melinda Bartlett at (575) 534-4013 or visit their Facebook Page.

NEW MEXICO REMODELING & FINE RESTORATION is a great Silver City business to help with your home needs. Owner, William Hoeller has a solid career in remodeling and restoration. Call William for a bid or to get advice on a construction job. You can expect expert service from New Mexico Remodeling & Fine Restoration. Their phone number is (575) 313-1785.

GEORGETOWN CHAPTER 34 ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR - The Order of the Eastern Star is a non-profit Masonic organization dedicated to service and charity work in our local communities and throughout the world. Georgetown Chapter is over 100 years old. With over 500,000 members globally, the Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization to which both men and women can belong.

For additional information about the Order of the Eastern Star Georgetown Chapter, you can contact Dr. Sabrina Pack at sabrinapack@skywestmedia.com or call (575) 956-5428.


Learn more about things to do and about businesses that are members of the Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce at our website – www.silvercity.org.

Do you attend lots of meetings? You get a notice that you should attend a meeting that begins at 8:00 am. After everyone stands around getting coffee and sharing what they saw on television the night before, the meeting finally begins at 8:22 am. My favorite quote: “I have wasted so much time being on time for meetings.” There is one group that rents training space in the Grant County Conference Center quite often. If the trainer tells everyone the training begins at 10:00 am, the door is locked a little after 10:00 am and people who are late don’t get to attend the meeting until there is a break.

Nowadays, society is very visual. Whether it is games, movies, shows, videos or still pictures… many people are stimulated by what they see. I was watching a cooking show recently that talked about how the meal not only had to taste good… but it also had to look appealing. When you look at almost any restaurant ad, the food looks marvelously delicious. Then order that food at the restaurant and compare the real thing with the picture. It never looks as good as the picture.

Well, businesses are the same way. If the owner or manager of a business doesn’t really respect their facility… that lack of respect usually shows up within the business. Have you ever noticed at night how some business signs are only half lit probably because the bulb(s) is burned out? And it stays that way for months. You wonder if the owner or manager ever looks at their business after dark, or do they simply not care.

It doesn’t matter if you are staying in a hotel, dining out or simply shopping with a retailer. Good Service is always a key factor of the experience.

I was in West Texas this past weekend for a family reunion. While there, my grandson was being baptized, and I decided to take the family out for lunch after the church service. I called a fairly nice restaurant on Saturday to see if I could reserve seating for 13 people on Sunday. To my surprise I was told “no.” So, I inquired, “you don’t take reservations?” I was informed that they only take reservations for 20 or more people on Sundays. So, I then asked to reserve 20 seats and I assured them that only 13 people would show up… to which the lady said “Yes, we can do that.” Amazing!

During this past week, I had to attend a meeting of the New Mexico Chamber Executives Association in Gallup and a New Mexico Hospitality Board of Directors Meeting in Taos Ski Valley. Along the way, I met with the president of the New Mexico Christian Motorcyclists Association to discuss bringing their state meet to Silver City in 2020.

Going to Gallup, we traveled the western side of the state heading north. It was an absolutely beautiful drive. As we were coming into Luna, there was a huge herd of elk along one of the streams. Elk are just truly majestic animals. I have always enjoyed spotting elk, but to see a herd of 30 to 50 elk was pretty cool. We went across to Alpine, Arizona, and once again came across a couple of herds of elk grazing in the grass meadows near the lake.

The Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce welcomes SWAG (aka the South West Adolescent Group) as our newest. Many of you have probably seen their sign, SWAG Thrift Store, across the street from the U.S. Post Office on Hudson Street in Silver City. This non-profit group accepts donations of goods and clothing, sells the items in the thrift store, then uses the money to help support teen activities in Silver City and Grant County. SWAG is located at 505 North Hudson Street. Their phone number is (575) 313-3845. Jason Burke is the director of the organization.

The 2019 Clay Festival begins this next week. There are many activities associated with the Clay Festival. Rather than try to list all of the activities, you should go on the internet and visit their website: http://www.clayfestival.com/ You will find all kinds of information about this great event in Silver City.

Independence Day is definitely one of my favorite American holidays, both for what we are celebrating and also how we celebrate America’s Independence.

For many Americans, and people hoping to become citizens, it is relatively easy to take our freedom… our liberty… for granted. It’s kind of hard to understand what America had to go through to gain our freedoms over all these years. There were conflicts on our soil as well as on foreign soil. Good men and women made great sacrifices to insure we have the freedoms we enjoy today.

The following is an excerpt from a speech given by one of our Nation’s presidents. Sometimes I believe it is good to reflect back on words spoken by our Nation’s leaders.

“All through our history, our Presidents and leaders have spoken of national unity and warned us that the real obstacle to moving forward the boundaries of freedom, the only permanent danger to the hope that is America, comes from within. It’s easy enough to dismiss this as a kind of familiar exhortation. Yet the truth is that even two of our greatest Founding Fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, once learned this lesson late in life. They’d worked so closely together in Philadelphia for independence. But once that was gained and a government was formed, something called partisan politics began to get in the way. After a bitter and divisive campaign, Jefferson defeated Adams for the Presidency in 1800. And the night before Jefferson’s inauguration, Adams slipped away to Boston, disappointed, brokenhearted, and bitter.

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