Have you really looked around lately? Sunday afternoon, during a drive between Deming and Silver City, everything was so wonderful looking. It’s green everywhere you look. Heck, even the Mimbres River had lots of water running in it, when just a few weeks ago it was as dry as a bone in the desert

A couple of weeks ago my old office computer died a horrible death. It didn’t suffer, but I sure did. I’ve been hauling my personal laptop back and forth from the house to work. We saved many files on a thumb drive, so I carry that little device everywhere I go. And of course, my laptop has the

A week and half or so ago someone wrote to the Silver City Daily Press complaining that city officials were doing things to keep new businesses from coming to Silver City. Since moving here in August of 2013, I haven't seen any evidence of this situation. In fact if you could ask the developers of

Almost weekly I receive a telephone call from someone considering a move to the Silver City area who has gone online to learn more about the crime rates in our community.  Without a doubt, they always mention how they have read that crime in our neck of the woods is much higher than the

Celebrating Independence Day by honoring our heroes seems like a pretty neat idea. Think about it. Who is your hero?

It could be a teacher who gave you the inspiration to succeed in school and later at your employment. It could be a law enforcement officer who helped you during a time of great need

In the John Wayne movie McClintock, Chill Wills fires off a gun and hollers :"People, People, People" so that everyone will listen to what John Wayne has to say about farming on the Mesa Verde. So if we were in a certain area and Chill Wills was still alive, I would ask him to pull that hogleg and

Although writing an article for local newspapers or online publications doesn't pay anything, I want to do a good job. So it can be kind of a tough task to do each week. You might believe with all the things that go on in Grant County and all the things the Chamber of Commerce works on through-out

You remember those old cowboy movies where the cowboy would be riding a horse and singing to the cows while a coyote howled in the distance. And lots of times those old cowboy songs included a little yodeling. So once I knew I was the only person in the building, I went into the large ballroom at

Live from Silver City

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