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photo1 copyThree Simple Recipes for Easter-Themed Desserts Citation all photos:©[Yakobchuk Olena]/Adobe Stock
Few holidays are sweeter than Easter. From traditional carrot cake to a festive take on s’mores, everyone is sure to love these delicious Easter-themed desserts.

When it comes to holidays, few are sweeter than Easter. One of the best ways to get into the celebratory spirit is to whip up a delightfully sugary treat. From traditional carrot cake to a festive take on s’mores, every bunny will love these delicious Easter-themed desserts.

 Easter is just around the corner. To help you create the perfect menu for your holiday feast, we hand-picked four of the best traditional Easter dinner recipes.

firstBest Traditional Easter Dinner Recipes
CITATION for all photos: "© [fortyforks] / Adobe Stock”

egg13 Egg Casserole Recipes That Will Make Your Mornings Better                            Citation: ©[Elenathewise]/Adobe Stock
A delicious, savory breakfast is an amazing way to begin your day. These three unique egg casserole recipes will change how you approach breakfast.

choc banana breadDouble Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe ©[mizina]/Adobe Stock

While a traditional banana bread recipe is vital to any baking arsenal, this double chocolate banana bread will provide the twist you’ve been craving.

 Instead of topping your toast with store-bought jam that is loaded with sugar and preservatives, use this simple and easy homemade jam recipe.
jam Jam in a Jar: Simple and Easy Homemade Jam Recipe ©[baibaz]/Adobe Stock

Jam is a delicious addition to your morning toast, biscuit, or scone. But store-bought jam can be loaded with preservatives and sugar. For a fresher alternative, consider making your own. It is surprisingly easy and requires only four ingredients.

cornedbeef copyA Simple Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe for St. Patrick's Day © [Brent Hofacker] / Adobe Stock
Preparing for St. Patrick's Day? We share an effortless corned beef and cabbage recipe for the occasion. After a simple simmer, you'll have a delectable feast.

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a heaping plate of corned beef and cabbage?

spaghetti copySpaghetti and Meatballs (© [MAKY_OREL] / Pixabay)

March 9 is upon us and there are plenty of ways to honor the day. If you’re looking for a few classic ways to celebrate National Meatball day, look no further.

Recipes for National Meatball Day

chili copy February 28 marks the celebration of many individuals' favorite dish. Impress your family with these delicious chili recipes for National Chili Day!  © [BestStockFoto] / Adobe Stock

National Chili Day: Best Chili Recipes

It seems like there’s a national holiday for everything—there’s a day commemorating pigs, naps, and even lima beans (on April 20, if you’re interested). Out of all these wonderfully obscure holidays, there is one delicious day we love to celebrate: National Chili Day. Here are some recipes to take your chili celebration on February 28, 2019, to the next level!

Ground Beef
Ground beef is the most common meat used in Chili recipes. This one is a very quick but well-liked recipe that can be prepared in as little as 45 minutes! Of course, the longer you simmer the better the flavor becomes, but this recipe tastes just as fantastic with only a 30-minute simmer.

The ingredients for this recipe include all the chili classics: diced tomatoes, pinto and kidney beans, and spices like cumin and hot pepper. You could even add cinnamon to give your chili an extra special kick! Just 1 teaspoon can really elevate any standard chili to something out of the ordinary.

A great (and healthy) way to prepare chili is to replace beef with turkey. Turkey is a leaner meat and as such has a reduced amount of saturated fat. If you’re worried about an expanding waistline, turkey also contains fewer calories per serving than beef. Don’t forget all the delicious accouterments to garnish your bowl of chili; serve with lime wedges, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips. A final sprinkle of cilantro will enhance the flavor even more with its herbaceous note.

This recipe does not follow the classic chili rulebook—it uses beer instead of chicken or veggie stock. The result is chili with a robust tangy kick and enough spice to counteract it, resulting in a warm and comforting dish. Choose dark lagers and brown ales, as something with fewer hops, will not overwhelm the 5-spice mix.