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filetmignon copySteak and Potatoes: A Classic Romantic Dinner Recipe for Two

Looking to make some new traditions with your Valentine this February? This romantic dinner recipe for two has everything you could ask for on Valentine’s Day.

nutelladayWorld Nutella Day is almost upon us. Celebrate this sweet holiday on February 7 by baking a Nutella-inspired dessert—gooey chocolate pudding cakes.

World Nutella Day Dessert

As February is finally upon us, it’s time to get ready for World Nutella Day!

The holiday was founded on February 5, 2007 by Sara Rosso, an American blogger who developed a love for the sweet spread while living in Italy. Back then, Nutella was only popular in the Italian market, so Sara would often have to bring jars of it on the plane with her when she went home to the U.S. To increase its popularity across the pond, she reached out to her friend and fellow blogger, Shelley Ruelle, and together they hosted the first World Nutella Day.

thegrantcountybeat 1 1.28.19 content 1 imageThe Perfect Mexican Fajita Recipe

Making a delicious and healthy home-cooked meal doesn’t need to be a hassle. This fajita sheet pan dinner recipe is as tasty as it is effortless.

Sheet pan dinners are the saving grace of busy weeknights. With as little as 15 minutes of preparation time, you can have a delicious and healthy meal; meals that would normally take hours slaving away in the kitchen to make. Perhaps the best aspect of sheet pan dinners is that they only require the use of one cooking sheet, so there is hardly any cleanup.

the grant county beat article for 1.22.19

 Looking for a modern take on a classic apple pie recipe? Maintain an age-old tradition while enhancing the rich flavors of one of America’s favorite desserts.

When we think about warm, comforting desserts, a classic apple pie recipe is usually on our list. For many, the smell of an apple pie baking in the oven evokes nostalgia. Whether it’s the memory of visiting your grandmother’s house during the holidays or coming home after a long day of school to find your mom baking in the kitchen, apple pie has a way of bringing out our most valued emotions.

stewsStew is a winter staple, so while you’re hibernating for the coming months, slow cook some of the best winter stew recipes you can try in your home kitchen.

During the cold winter months, there are few meals that go as well with the season as a hearty stew. While beef is the most common meat used in strews, venture out and try chicken, shrimp, and lamb this year. Winter is a time for hibernation, so settle in, dust off your crock pot, and start the cooking process. Slow cook and experiment with the best winter stew recipes you can try at home.

grantcountybeat 1.8image 1Mexican tamales have been around for thousands of years. We share a homemade tamale recipe that won't disappoint. You'll enjoy it for a long time to come!

We know you’ve been working hard lately, so give yourself a much-needed break and experiment with one of our recommended homemade tamale recipes. 

There’s something that’s so comforting about fresh, authentic Mexican food. When you commit to preparing tamales from scratch, you can taste the difference. Whether you like beef, chicken, or pork tamales, you can effortlessly customize to your preferences.

It’s so important to give your body all of the nutrients and vitamins it needs during the winter. These months bring colds, flus, and a plethora of other sicknesses. To combat them, make sure that you’re getting all your servings of fruits and vegetables. Root vegetables pack plenty of nutrients and have bold flavors that will leave your mouth wanting more. Winter is a great time to experiment with cooking roasted winter root vegetables.

Check out this list of healthy root vegetables, along with a recipe.

Healthy Root Vegetables

There’s so much work that goes into preparing for Christmas. Take some pressure off yourself and consider one of these easy Christmas morning breakfast ideas.

Christmas morning is a magical time. You can see it now—carols playing, kids tearing open presents from Santa, the look on your significant other's face as they open tickets for that surprise trip to go hiking through the Adirondacks or whitewater rafting in Washington state. After exchanging gifts, keep the celebration going as you share a nice meal with your family. If you're not sure what to make, use these easy Christmas morning breakfast ideas to get inspired.