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Poca and her master, Criag Roepke, "talk" philosophically.

A colleague had this screen saver on her computer: “I wish I were half the man my dog thinks I am.” That got me to thinking, “What a good dog might want its human partner to really be...or not?”


The Great Chili Dilemma (continued)

He turned to Poca. My Mom’s grandfather immigrated. He came from a family in Europe that farmed someone else’s land. Like a sharecropper, only worse. Hard to keep from starving, much less make a life. Som-- Continue reading

The Great Chili Dilemma

He pulled back out onto the Interstate, unwrapped his sandwich and set it on the dash. The lump of beef, green chili, and cheese he laid on a newspaper in the truck’s jump seat for Poca. OK, have at it.-- Continue reading

What’s All That Noise?

The dog sat up as they bounced along the dirt roads, her head swiveling across the mesas and gullies, searching through the weeds and scrub for small feathered bodies darting under a bush or across th-- Continue reading

Two: The Morning After

Two: The Morning After

The next morning he shrugged late out of the sleeping bag. From the east the clouds erupted in braided reds and yellows.

The dog snuffled about the rocks, checking for a mouse. To the west a full moon-- Continue reading

One: What a Night!

The little dog flowed through grass and bushes, twisting and nosing, then she turned abrupt up a small rise and just short of the top, skidded to a stop. Fifty yards back, he broke into a jog, the hea-- Continue reading

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