Divine Poetry

Gail Steuart will share her poetry and photography with readers.

barry and gailBarry and Gail

Poems Dedicated to my husband, Barry Blumstein
who died on May 28, 2018


Rocking back and forth on my wings,
Ready to take off into the unknown where the answer
Lies hidden –
Can I fly alone?

In My Closet

Where his clothes hung.
Drawers Full.
Shoes Lined up in a row.
That Beautiful Jacket --
His favorite boots.
I Open the closet and all those
Things linger in memory.

cassidy marie cates memorial 1


You took the road least traveled
Inner mysteries unraveled.
Friends were witness to your quest.
Broken Dreams were laid to rest.
You did not have time to say good-bye
Doubting loved ones questioned why.
Now your picture hangs above
The rocks and stones with words of love.
Dried silk flowers their vases filled
Mark the spot your blood was spilled.
White cross pointing to the sky
Attention drawn of passers-by.
Its arms outstretched in welcome, too.
Know we will remember you.

Gail E. Steuart
March 9, 2007

When you sing,
Spirit brings music down to earth
Awakening love and mighty forces of Divine Presence
Softly then rising to new heights
Welcoming the Holy Spirit to Life here on earth.

Blessing the children who have not known
How deep God’s presence can echo in chords,
In notes, in lively clapping sounds.
All praise welcoming the lost into
A newfound life of joy.

Grasping on to unknown patterns of
Heightened awareness leading to truth to
Be spoken and heard in melodies around
A globe distraught and in pain to be borne
Again in the light of love.

My heart is full, my joy is reaching heights
Never before realized as possible in this body.
The body of Christ realizing and causing
Awakening like lightning striking before a storm.


sarah on the dragonMy daughter, Sarah, was playing and singing at my keyboard. Almost immediately I was inspired that a poem was coming to me, so I ran for paper and pencil and this poem came with the change of only one word. This is my favorite photo of Sarah sitting on the Dragon log in the Mimbres River.

The tides of my life ebb and flow –
Predictable and safe
Until the storm winds push the waters
Over the banks and force my Self to Higher Ground.

Gail E. Steuart

Painting by Gail E. Steuart

calming river

what remains


Knarled and twisted
Secrets Hidden
Deep within where
Memories of Grandeur,
Of flowers, fruit and giving,
Home and shelter to the living.
Grew proud and tall
With arms outstretched,
Patiently waiting for rain
And sun to grow
Sticky skin and strong roots,
All have fallen now.
Ribs and roots worn smooth
By desert sun, wind and rain
Until this beauty is what remains.

Gail E. Steuart