This is how to successfully wage a war on drugs inside the United States.

You go after the people that are bringing the drugs from the border into the community. Not necessarily the street pusher but the trafficker.

Of course this approach fails in a Sanctuary jurisdiction.

It is the human pipeline between the U.S. Border and your hometown that must be disrupted with the punishment severe and certain.

Traffickers are not worthy of sentence reduction and certainly not in a class of victimless criminals. Drugs that kill people are not victimless.

If the drugs do not make it to market there is no sale and if there is no sale there is no overdose.

The solution is so simple we have to wonder why it is not a priority.

Prosecuting Doctors, Pharmacists and U.S. Drug companies has not stopped the trafficking of one counterfeit fentanyl laced oxycodone tablet and is apparently counterproductive. Why are we doing it?