Marketing Matters

Each week on Friday, the Beat will publish this marketing informational newsletter by Sabrina Pack of SkyWest Media and Silver City Radio.

marketing matters facebook marketing week of 9 15 17 headerLet’s talk about the decline of organic Facebook reach for business pages and why engagement strategies are so important! This problem represents an additional reason to having a “Call to Action,” CTA!

With so much content being published on Facebook, the space has become extremely competitive to gain needed visibility in the News Feed. With a significant decline in organic reach to fans of your business Facebook page, creating engagement can help outsmart the algorithm so to improve organic reach again for your brand. (Note: Your brand is your business, but also for a non-profit, the brand is their organization and, thus, their Facebook page).

email subject line marketing matters headerEmail can serve as a very important part of your marketing mix. Email marketing has many advantages, one of which is low cost and specific targeted messaging. According to DMA, email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent. A small business should never underestimate the power of this marketing tool. Here are some “best practice” rules, starting with the subject line.

promotional mix header marketing matters gcb 7 14 17So often, when someone is asked, “what is marketing,” the response is “advertising.” Marketing is so much more than just advertising! Marketing is about the four P’s: Price, Placement (Distribution), Product, and Promotion. There is a fifth P often that has emerged and that is People (Consumer). It is in the P of Promotion where there is advertising. The Promotional Mix includes: (1) advertising; (2) public relations; (3) sales promotions; (4) personal selling; and (5) social media.

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Email becomes more powerful with images. The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly has merit as images embedded into emails have the ability to create interest and instantly engage your audience with your brand. Through market research, there are “best practices” that provide insight on how to more effectively use images within emails. This is where you can stand-out by making your email visually different and adds to longer-term memory if nessage. Various studies examining the impact of visuals in email support the importance of utilizing images. Skyword found 94% more views with a compelling visual and instigates faster consumption of content (Csutoras, 2016; Gonsalves, 2012). Hubspot found 65% of users like emails that are mostly composed of images, while only 35% prefer their emails to be text heavy (Zarrella, 2015).

Developing strategic direction is not simply throwing a dart at the dartboard, aiming in the general direction, and hope you hit the bullseye. Knowing what you are aiming for is critical. You have to know what objectives you are aiming to accomplish. Ansoff's Strategic Opportunity Matrix details four options. Each of these options has specific courses of action to accomplish the objectives.