There is a lot of news in New Mexico that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Here are just a few of the stories which we highlighted this week.

The Top 5 gubernatorial debate deceptions from Michelle Lujan Grisham

The end of political season can mean even the most egregious claims will see the light of day. We took a look at the most recent gubernatorial debate and checked on the claims of Michelle Lujan Grisham. From the 2nd Amendment to the Taos Compound tragedy, we found the claims didn’t always rise to reality.

Did a candidate for statewide office receive a donation from someone accused of sexual harassment?

It appears a former labor leader in Santa Fe made a donation to Stephanie Garcia Richard, the Democratic nominee for Land Commissioner. The leader in question is facing allegations from three separate women which led to him resigning from his position in a labor union. It looks as though Garcia Richard accepted a donation after the allegations were made public.

The Michelle Lujan Grisham promise to unions that would cost New Mexico millions

From rallies to tens of thousands in campaign donations, labor unions are among the biggest supporters of the Lujan Grisham campaign. We took a look at one promise she made to support her union bosses and found it caused a big headache in New Jersey.

Brian Colon's 'guilt by association' double standard

Brian Colón is running to be the New Mexico State Auditor. The former leader of the New Mexico Democratic Party accused his Republican opponent of losing public trust. Yet, we looked and found some associations of Colón, and Colón himself, took some questionable actions on their own.

Coming up next week, we found it odd that New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich would partner with an out-of-state candidate.

Larry Behrens