Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001?

My building was #4 --- 4 WTC, commonly know as The COMEX Building as five exchanges shared a common trading floor there --- and on that glorious Indian-Summer morning I was attending an 8am breakfast meeting at 6O Broad Street, down the block from the New York Stock Exchange.

The meeting unofficially cancelled itself at 8:59am and I came out to Broad onto the largest ticker-tape parade I'd ever seen as shredded paper was falling from the sky and everyone was out scrambling around and on their phones trying to figure out what was goin' on; and so I went up to Liberty & Broadway - 1 Liberty Plaza, the home to 'Mother' Merrill...Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith - and the guy next to me had just come out of the building and told me that what looked to me like office furniture tumbling out of #2 - Tower 2 - was actually people and then he started bawling and the cops were pushing everyone up Broadway telling us another plane was in the air and it was urgent everyone evacuate lower Manhattan immediately, and people were saying that the Sears Tower had also been struck.

Howard and I were in the mountains on Sept. 11, 2001 in Colorado. My daughter, Kim, was finally able to get us on our cell to tell us what had happened and to assure us that my sister, Dona, who was in the state legislature in Santa Fe, was safe. Apparently all state Capitols were in lock down. The little town we had just been in had no cell reception. I doubt those folks got the 9 -11 news until a much later date

Bobbie Neal-Little

Right here in Silver City. I think I was working on my computer, when a friend called and asked me if I had the TV on. (We still had a TV in those days). I asked her why and she just told me to go turn it on. Needless to say, when I did, I sat there mesmerized at the tragedy unfolding in New York City, Washington D.C. and a field in Pennsylvania.

I was supposed to work at 10 in the gallery that I participated in, so I dutifully went downtown. Very few people were on the streets, but I opened the gallery and listened to the radio.

A couple came in the gallery who had not heard of the tragedy. They were staying at a hotel that had no TV. So we sat and listened together.