With the 74th D-Day anniversary just past, picture in your mind’s eye a 1943 squadron of B-17 bombers flying towards their target in Germany.

The pilots and navigators are keeping on a straight-line course, the bombardiers intently focusing through their Norton Bombsights—while the rest of the crew, turret gunners, waist gunners and tail gunners are all shooting at the many attacking German fighter planes twisting through the squadron formation—and the flak from German anti-aircraft guns is exploding all around them, buffeting the B-17s.

Finally over their targets, the squadron drops their payload and returns to home base. Then they reload and fly back to do it again—and again—and again!! Despite being bullet-ridden, their targets are hit!

The Trump presidency is looking much like those WWII bombing runs. He stays on course toward his targets while enduring the constant cacophony of incoming fire- and flak- from all sides—he Democrats in Congress, the secular progressive liberals of academia and Hollywood, the majority of the ultra-left (and irrelevant) media, and the entrenched Deep State denizens of the “Beltway Swamp!!” They want him out—they want him to fail, regardless what happens to the country! It’s called the “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Yet Trump and his crew—staying the course—keep hitting their targets again—and again,—and again! Judicial appointments, tax cuts and regulatory cuts leading to higher GNPs and lowest unemployment in decades by Restoring our military strength; Veterans’ choice of care; Border security issues; U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem; ISIS mostly gone; a U.S./Saudi/Jordan/Egypt/Israeli Anti-Terror Alliance; NATO allies paying more of their share; bailing out of the lousy Iran Deal, Paris Climate Accords, Trans-Pacific Partnership; re-negotiating NAFTA and other unfair trade deals with China and the EU, and tackling the North Korean problem head-on after 65 years of nothing positive happening!

This country, and the Trump Presidency, is in the process of changing course to a brighter future—in spite of all the negative noise from the left!

Skip Thacker

Silver City