The Mimbres Valley Health Action League is a federal 501c3 organization founded over ten ( 10 ) years ago with the purpose of working to improve the health, well-being and quality of life for the people in the Mimbres region. We recognize that a year ago, the situation regarding our hospital was very different from today. To that end, we are writing to express our support for our hospital remaining an independent entity that offers quality healthcare to all of us based on the following facts.

Gila Regional Medical center finally has the administrative team in place that has driven the necessary changes. We know these things to be true:

The hospital is debt free, practically unheard of in this age of health care.

The operational loss has been decreased from $6.9 million from this time last year to roughly $500,000 YTD. This is a remarkable achievement and should be acknowledged as such.

The County provides no financial support to our hospital save what is legally required.

The Cancer Center is practically fully operational and the financial trajectory is positive.

During the past year, our hospital received recognition as one of the TOP 100 Rural and Community hospitals, a CMS rating as a 4 star quality hospital and one of only three (3) in the state to be recognized as such, the HealthInsight Quality Award (one of 5 in the state) and designation as an “A” hospital by the industry standard driven organization Leapfrog.

On the whole, all of these facts speak to the very positive outlook for our hospital, one we are proud of and rely upon. However, continuing this ill-advised process seeking “options” is now, and has been, actively harming our hospital and our community. The hospital is well positioned to move forward very favorably for all of us, whom the Commissioners represent. Everyone paying attention to these facts knows this is the case.

Bottom line, we have a great not-for-profit facility which needs to remain independent and locally owned and operated. We ask that you listen to the majority of valley residents, and the people of Grant County. Use your vote to become partners to our hospital, doing the work we expect you to do to continue the very bright future we know is beginning to be realized for our hospital and for us.

RJ Nelson, President
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Mimbres Valley Health Action League