A 60th Cobre High School reunion will take place Sept. 20-23, 2019. This reunion honors the first graduating class at Cobre Consolidated Schools that spent their entire high school career as Cobre Indians.

Organizers had planned for and hoped to spend 8-12 minutes during halftime at the Cobre-Deming High School football game to honor their 38 deceased classmates.

However, they have been told that they cannot hold such a ceremony because of New Mexico Activities Association rules that limit the amount of time for halftime. They have been told that they can hold it earlier in the parking lot in front of the high school where they will have no chairs to sit on.

These folks are not young, with most in their late 70s, and many are coming from far away, such as Wyoming and California. Shouldn't there be an option to bend the rules in such a case? After all, sometimes games last longer than their allotted time, if an overtime is called because of a tie.

If you feel this is unfair to that these graduates of Cobre High School in 1959 that they not be allowed to honor their classmates who have passed on, please let the coaches, band leaders, administrators, board members and anyone else, such as Lt. Gov. Howie Morales, who is also a graduate of Cobre, know your displeasure and ask for a relaxing of the rules for one time to honor the first class to have completed four years of high school at Cobre.

Pete Q. Torres
Silver City, NM
Member of the organizing committee for the 60th reunion of Cobre High School graduates