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09-16-2014 2:50 pm
I had to comment on Marita Noon's article on the EPA talking about the discredited climate change theory. 97% of climate scientists agree negative change is occuring. So she's going with what the 3% say?
06-03-2014 8:33 pm
Thank you, Mary Alice Murphy & Grant County Beat, for the best reporting I've seen on Sunday's amazing memorial service for Ella Jaz Kirk, Ella Sala Myers, and Michael Sebastian Mahl. Watching and listening from the balcony, I thought that I could clearly recall the many portions that resonated most strongly with me - but there was too much for the eyes, ears & heart to absorb & retain. Thank you for bringing home the words, spirit, and reminders of that most stirring afternoon's images. I regret most deeply the unfathomable need for that afternoon's gathering, but yet - it is to be clearly remembered.
Sharye Hardesty
05-24-2014 2:43 pm
I appreciate the information GCB prints about meetings I am on the GRMC Foundation Board, but I learn more about the hospital from your reports on the Board of Trustees meetings than from the Foundation meetings.
05-18-2014 6:23 am
Thank you for being on the job Sunday and getting the news and pictures of the Signal Peak fire posted so quickly! When I want to know what's happening, Grant County Beat is where I go!
Sue M.
05-17-2014 1:29 pm
Thank you Mary Alice Murphy for the great coverage of the May Silver School Board meeting. I felt like I was there with your exact quotes from the participants who were there. You did an outstanding job!
Terry Timme
03-22-2013 4:35 pm
You do an amazing job covering the issues in our region.
I personally rely on GCB for the most accurate news.
Skip Munoz
03-10-2013 4:01 pm
KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS! I have been so happy since I found GCB! I remember way back when I lived in Grant County and I always read your articles in the SCDP. I always thought that your writing was the best in that newspaper. Now that you have started GCB it is way beyond anything the SCDP has/or will do.

I read GCB daily because it has so much content that is relative and informative. Especially, to those of us who love the area so much and wish we could come back and live there again(and we might). I have always yearned for the news of my beloved Grant County but the SCDP was just not doing it. Now when we come in the summer we will be up to date on all the haps with our friends and the community. Thank you so much for GCB. Thank you so much for informing us. Keep it up!
Skip Munoz
Nikki Zeuner
03-05-2013 8:27 am
September 2012

Hi Mary Alice, thanks so much for your accurate coverage of my presentation to the commission yesterday... and I wanted to tell you: I am so impressed with the Grant County Beat! What a great online newspaper you have created.
03-05-2013 8:25 am
early 2013

You have the most factual reporting of anyone around, MAM.

Thank you!
03-05-2013 8:25 am
"Just finished reading several GCB news articles, each containing info or insights not gleaned from (local print newspapers). Anyway, you're way ahead of the papers on reporting news. WELL done and thank you."
03-05-2013 8:24 am

"The job you are doing, Mary Alice, is quite admirable. As a professional journalist, I admire your efforts more than most."
03-05-2013 8:23 am

"Just a short note to say 'Kudos' for your excellent coverage of the recent Candidate's Forum for 6th Judicial District Judge! Our print media is sorely lacking in covering these Forums in my opinion!"
Francesca Estevez
09-18-2012 8:00 pm
Dear Editor MAM:

I felt compelled to write you and your ever growing audience in celebration of the journalistic upgrade that you have bestowed on and in Grant County. It has been refreshing and a pleasure to read your articles, columns and musings over the years. Since your arrival in Grant County, some years ago, as a reporter for the SC Daily Press, a higher quality of journalism infused our printed media and impacted the other media to also aspire to a more serious level of journalism. What I looked forward to reading your consistent coverage of community events, government meetings, as well as other news worthy issues. You really kept and keep our community informed. I especially enjoy your vocabulary, grammar and sense of humor. I have followed MAM's musings for years, and now diligently follow your Grant County Beat.

Thank you MAM!!!
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