Thanks to the Gila Rangers, Grant County's Cowboy Action Shooting Club, the "Billy the Kid Cabin" at the corner of Hudson and Broadway has been re-opened. According to Cissy McAndrew, executive director of the Southwest NM Green Chamber of Commerce who manages the site, "the cabin had been left in disarray last year and the Rangers came back to clean and re-arrange the furnishings."
According to Skip Thacker, at left, the cabin had been vandalized, antique stolen, items broken, and the locks cut off with lock cutters.
Photo: The Gila Rangers (and their aliases) (l to r): Skip Thacker (
The cabin and props were donated to the Town by Ron Howard after serving as a set for his movie The Missing. The Gila Rangers helped to initally erect the cabin in 1997, adding a floor and interior walls for stability. The cabin is set back from the Big Ditch, where the shack that Billy the Kid lived as a child with his family was located, and replicates housing of the late 1800's. A popular tourist attraction, the cabin will be open the same hours as the Silver City Visitor's Center (Mon. - Sat. 9-5 and Sunday 10 - 2).
The Gila Rangers are a Single Action Shooting Society that operate Fowler City in the Mimbres, a permanent shooting range. For additional information call 575-388-2531.