Santa Fe, NM - The First Session of the 53rd Legislature came to a close today. House Democrats passed legislation to grow the economy, promote job creation, and rebuild the middle class.

House Democrats' most important order of business was to pass a responsible budget and revenue package. The budget, House Bill 2, safeguards the top priorities of hardworking New Mexicans - education, health care, economic development. Teachers, school districts, students, and parents called for legislators to protect education, and this budget does just that. Public school appropriations were not cut.

In order to mitigate further cuts to critical services, minimize impacts on hardworking families, and make the New Mexico economy work for everyone, House Democrats passed fair tax reform. House Bill 202, levels the playing field for local businesses, blocks a corporate income tax cut, and generates critical revenue for roads and schools.

Increase the Minimum Wage: A bill that raises the state's minimum wage to $9.25 an hour, a sensible increase over the current minimum wage of $7.50 an hour, is on the Governor's desk awaiting her signature. House Bill 442, sponsored by Representatives Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe), Debbie Rodella (D-Espa+