1) All documents that are only words need to be in Word or as text. 
2) Photos should be .jpg format and not manipulated in any way, except for possible cropping. Send the original digital photo attached separately from the Word document.
3) Send to editor@grantcountybeat.com
4) Be sure to put contact information in case we have questions.

1) Do not send documents as PDFs unless they are flyers for an event.
2) Do not use fancy formatting in a Word document.
3) Do not put any words in all capital letters.
4) Capitalize the first letter of only names or place names or the beginning of a sentence.
3) Do not embed photos or graphics inside a Word document
4) Do not waste your precious time or mine on fancy graphics in a document when it may not transfer over to the website

Editor's Note: These submission guidelines are preliminary and may be added to in the future.