What happens to me when I die?

By Roger Lanse

You know, I’ve never known anyone to come back from death and tell me what it’s like on the other side. You probably haven’t either. So, how do we know what happens when we step out of here into eternity?

I have heard what people think happens. But, how do they know? Can we know? Yes, we can. It’s all in the Book. Jesus tells us in His own words there are two paths into eternity and each of us will choose one. One path is through a wide gate onto a broad way which leads to destruction and another path enters through a narrow gate onto a winding path which leads to life. Jesus cautions that many will enter eternity by the wide gate. Few will choose the narrow one.

What does that mean?

It means most will reject Jesus and His free offer of salvation, follow their own reasoning, and chase the enticements and security of the world. That way leads to hell.

It means those who accept Jesus as the only One Who can save them, and give their lives to Him, will find that way leads to heaven.

We’re all going to spend eternity somewhere. The Bible shows us where.