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There is likely no more important matter in our lifetime, than the upcoming US national election. As such, this shorter Newsletter will focus on that one issue.
Two short fabulous patriotic music videos:
Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock: The Stars Spangled BannerThe Mormon Tabernacle Choir: America the Beautiful
For US Citizens —
— This Special Newsletter's Articles, by Topic —
(Note: A few superior articles from earlier Newsletters are repeated.)
The Big Picture of What’s Going On —
Important video: They Tried To Warn Us

Trump Political Policies —
Biden Political Policies —
Some Outstanding Relevant Short Videos —

Religion and the US National Election —

Short video: Nothing is More Important Than GodPray, Vote, StandDr. Dobson's Open Letter to Christians Regarding the Election

Twenty-two Reasons Why American Jews Should Vote for President Trump

John Droz, jr.physicist & citizen advocate

PS — Please pass this onto all US citizens on your contacts lists.PPS — Please pray that US citizens do some critical thinking about this election...

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