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This column will feature the podcasts done by NMSU Grant County Extension Ag and 4-H agent Jessica Swapp. 

She has published six so far, so we are going to start with the first one done in December 2019 and post the other five since then. Then as each new one comes out, it will be posted here.

By Jessica Swapp-Massengill
4-H/Ag Agent Grant County Extension Office, NMSU Cooperative Extension Service

There are so many myths and lies out there about turkeys, how they are raised, hormones, steroids etc. I get to the truth on how they are raised, what they are fed as well as other helpful information this thanksgiving season. 

Full Episode: 

Temple Grandin Harvest Video   

So thankful for the rain, but now the bugs come out!

If you are thinking, "what the heck is this!?" You are not alone. I get TONS bug calls this time of year. So I wanted to share a website with ya'll that I love to use when identifying insects here in NM.

There is a list of 700+ insects on this website and by clicking on the bug of interest you can read all about them.

This is a 10 minute video on poultry embryology. This is going to be one in a series of “egg to chick” type videos.  Something fun and educational to watch. 

Below is the monthly ag newsletter from Grant County Extension Service. Lots of information, local and from NMSU Extension Service. PDF is below.

The latest episode of the Grant County Extension Connection Podcast has just dropped on all the major podcast platforms now including Amazon Music and Pandora!

Episode details: Episode 17 "What is 4-H? Part I"

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