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Show Lambs! 

Have you ever heard of leg shag??? Ever seen a lamb walk backwards on a treadmill???

Well it is all the rage in the show lamb world these days and a lot of work goes into feeding, training, exercising, leg shag, and so much more! This video/podcast was just released today all about what goes into the 4-H/FFA show lamb project. I can assure you it is not an easy nor a cheap thing! 


This is a best estimate on what it costs to raise 1 show lamb:

image006.png               vs      image011.jpg

Please check out my new YouTube Video/Podcast episode all about show lamb care!

YouTube: NMSU Grant County Cooperative Extension Service https://youtu.be/snUeDgvs6lk

Podcast: Grant County Extension Connection https://www.buzzsprout.com/750188/4597130  or listen on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify plus many more!