Grant YTD Sales 154 | YTD median $147,500 | Active Listings 104 | July Sales 26 | Median sold price $215,500 | July volume $5,684,575 | Average Days on Market 94 | July AVG sales Price $218,638 | Pending listings (under contract) 40

Everybody – not just buyers and sellers – have been asking lately, "How's the market? Has it been impacted by the pandemic?" I think our MLS numbers speak for themselves! In just the past 30 days, 48 Pending listings in our MLS have closed, and 66 have taken their place, clearly showing that properties are still moving quickly. The average "days on market" has increased slightly from last year – 271 days this past month compared to 219 days last year in the same time period.

However, the biggest difference is that the average Sold price has increased dramatically from $159,479 to $249,165! Interest rates are incredibly low, so more buyers are buying more expensive homes – and of course, everyone wants to be here!

Nikki O'Connell
Associate Broker