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This column comes through the Grant County Extension Service out of New Mexico State University.

mistletoeQuestion: There’s mixed advice out there on how to control mistletoe. What do you recommend?

Question submitted via Sandoval County Extension Agent Lynda Garvin

mike burbano saguaro in las crucesThis six-foot-tall cactus in a Las Cruces yard is likely to be a Sonoran saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea), even though it has grown remarkably fast. Photo credit Mike B.By Dr. Marisa Thompson

Question: Is this a saguaro in my front yard in Las Cruces? I’ve heard that saguaros do not grow well in this area. I planted it in 2012 and it is growing about 1 foot each year. It’s currently close to 6 feet tall. -Mike B., Las Cruces

Answer: Yes, probably, but maybe not.

By Dr. Marisa Thompson & Dr. Carol Sutherland

Reprint from November 2017

mesquite girdler. photo credit dr. salvador vitanza previously with texas agrilife el paso txMesquite girdler. (photo credit: Dr. Salvador Vitanza, previously with TexasAgriLife, El Paso, TX)


Our mesquite trees are experiencing what appears to be a girdler bug attack. This is the first time we have experienced this. How harmful are they, and what can be done to rid these pests?

Jack D., Doña Ana County, NM