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Video Production Tips for Stabilizing Your Camera

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Before planning your next video production, implement these tips for stabilizing your camera if you're ready to start seeing changes in content quality.

Whether you're shooting a motion picture, church event, or live interview, many factors influence how great the final product appears to the audience. One of those factors is camera stability, which can either create a very specific aesthetic in-camera, or result in a blurry mess. As you'll discover, capturing the footage you want is possible. Before your next shoot, implement these video production tips for stabilizing your camera if you're ready to start seeing changes on set.

Buy Camera Support Gear

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The Differences Between LFP and NMC Batteries

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When looking for lithium-ion batteries, you may encounter LFP and NMC batteries. But what are the crucial differences between these battery pack options?

Lithium batteries are the standard when it comes to long-lasting power, storage, and durability. Many pieces of equipment—from forklifts to golf carts to recreational vehicles—utilize lithium batteries for potency. When looking into lithium-ion batteries, it's important to note the different options, such as NMC or LiFePO4. So, what are the differences between LFP and NMC batteries, and how do you decide which battery option is best for you?

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Space Inventions We Use in Our Daily Life

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It may surprise you the origins of some of the products. Explore these inventions from space we use in our daily life, and see what NASA does for you.

We use several things in our everyday lives without ever wondering where they originated. NASA and the aerospace industry is one such sector that is responsible for many things we take for granted today. From your toes to your eyes, explore these space inventions we use in our daily life.

Shoe Insoles
The designs for the Apollo missions needed certain boots for the astronauts to explore the moon effectively. From Neil Armstrong's first step, several shoe manufacturers adopted the idea of protecting your foot when it first hits the ground. Thus, the shoe insole was both. Our feet will be forever thankful.

Cordless Tools

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Most Common Mechanical Devices Found in Everyday Life

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The most common mechanical devices found in everyday life are closer to us than we think. Here is a list of a few devices that play essential roles.

If we look around, we can see how mechanically dense the world actually is. These simple yet necessary components play significant roles in our day-to-day lives. In all industries, from automotive to food production to aerospace, these engineering and technological mechanisms work in conjunction with human existence to make life easier and streamline complex processes.

Let's discuss the most common mechanical devices found in everyday life that you probably didn't realize held any importance.


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The Three Major Components of Home Automation

aztecsoundcommunicationsinc 1333218 components home automation image1 1
A home automation system looks fun on the outside, but none of it would be possible without these three major components. Here's a closer look!

Home automation breaks down into three main components: the brain, the extremities, and the nerves. Together, these working systems enable users to take control of various elements in their home and create user convenience. To optimize this process and entice usability, it's essential to understand how these areas work cohesively to create a unified system.

Let's look at the three major components of home automation a little closer and see how they can create a cohesion in your life!

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Effective Ways To Avoid Being Digitally Tracked

miclock 161402 avoid digitally tracked image1 1
With the internet, everything is connected and your data are always being watched. Here are a few effective ways to avoid being digitally tracked.

It feels as though almost every website, application, and piece of technology is tracking you today. You're a constant source of data and information, which websites use to polish their algorithms and advertise to you. Here are a few effective ways to avoid being digitally tracked.

Adjust Your Privacy Settings
One of the essential things you can do for every piece of technology is to adjust your privacy settings. Many applications and websites' default settings are to track your information and accounts. Be sure to look through your settings when you join any site or application so that you can turn this option off and opt out of applications that want to track you.Hide Your Voice
Almost every device around you is connected and collecting data. They do this by tracking what you click on and read—but some applications also listen to you. You can stop this by purchasing a Mic-Loc and plugging it into your device. The device will recognize it as a microphone, but the Mic-Loc will block all audio input. Doing this can prevent companies and cyberattackers from spying on you.

Beware of Public Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is essential in today's world, but plenty of public networks don't have adequate safety infrastructure to protect users' privacy and information. A measure to avoid this would be not connecting to public Wi-Fi networks with which you're unfamiliar. If you need access to the internet, you can use a VPN (virtual private network), which will provides you with a personalized, encrypted network that protects you while you're using public Wi-Fi.

Change Your Browser
The most popular internet browsers today are Google Chrome and Safari, and unfortunately, both engage in some form of tracking. It may seem as though this is the norm and you can do nothing aside from finding plug-ins to protect your information. But some browsers still center around your privacy. For example, the browser Brave blocks ads and ad trackers by default. Browsers such as this are essential to protecting yourself from being tracked.
Unfortunately, these effective ways to avoid being digitally tracked still may not be not enough. Companies and cybercriminals are incredibly adept at finding their ways around privacy settings and monitoring users. Stay informed and continually make sure you do everything you can to keep yourself and your information protected.

Ways To Improve Your Data Center's Cooling Efficiency

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It's critical that you prevent servers from overheating, lest you risk them breaking down. Explore ways to improve your data center's cooling efficiency here.

You'll notice the temperature drop immediately when you walk into a data center. These frigid temperatures are crucial because the active servers generate heat, and you must keep them cool to function correctly.

When you're in charge of one of these facilities, you need to lower temperatures so that valuable electrical equipment doesn't burn out. You can find some practical ways to improve your data center's cooling efficiency below to help avoid overheating.

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Ways That Technology Is Changing Waste Management

waste mngmt

From smart devices to landfill optimization, there are so many ways that technology is changing waste management. Read on to learn about these innovations.

Technological advancements have made great strides in a number of sectors, including the waste management industry. As our garbage problems increase, professionals and leaders are working together to create innovative devices to improve our current circumstances. Learn about the ways that technology is changing waste management and how you can be part of the cause.

Optimizing Landfills

Most of what we throw away ends up in landfills. These giant dumpsites occupy a lot of land and can have a devastating impact on the environment. Experts have used various forms of technology, including solar power and geomembrane liners, to optimize landfills and reduce their environmental influence. Now, these sites can produce their own energy and keep harmful substances from leaking into the surrounding soil and groundwater.

Improving Safety Standards

Waste management companies have made massive improvements to their own safety standards through various software and equipment. Automated programs reduce employee exposure to hazardous wastes and decrease dangers surrounding waste disposal vehicles and other heavy machinery. Waste removal companies also offer valuable safety training for their clients to increase safety standards across the board.

Transforming Waste Into Energy

One of the most impactful ways that technology is changing waste management is by transforming waste into energy. Instead of waiting for garbage to break down in landfills and other disposal sites, experts have found ways to harness power from waste and put it to good use. Whether it’s through steam, composting, or biogas, professionals are repurposing garbage in a way that reduces our planet’s waste without causing further harm to the environment.

Innovative Disposal Technology

Professionals wouldn’t have been able to modernize waste management without creating smart devices to optimize the industry. Innovative disposal technology has made collecting, sorting, tracking, and destroying waste simple. There are many types of industrial waste services that benefit from these gadgets. From recycling apps to e-waste kiosks, it has never been easier to eliminate personal and corporate waste sustainably.

Technology has improved virtually every aspect of life, including waste management. By utilizing these advancements and pushing forward with new research, experts and civilians alike can work together to clean up our environment and create a better tomorrow.

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