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This is a column being posted to the Beat to explain some aspects of technology. It is in exchange for services rendered by Logical Position. 

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In the world of logistics, not many people think technology affects it. However, these top technology trends will help any logistics provider perform better.

New technologies are increasing every day. As startup companies produce new devices that can eliminate mundane tasks, more industries are implementing these technologies into their business models. One prime example is the logistics industry. There are some top technology trends in logistics that everyone must know about. You'll see how these technologies are making shipping and warehouse storage more efficient day by day.

gcb electricitytohome

Electricity powers many pieces of technology we depend on daily. Read this guide to how power plants produce it and how it travels to your home.

To a casual observer, electricity is an invisible yet vital wonder. Its unification with our homes allows us a steady, uninterrupted source to power gaming, working on the computer, cooking, cleaning, watching TV, lighting the home, and much more. If you're curious how your home gets its electricity—where it originates and how it travels—read on. This guide on how electricity gets to your home walks you through electricity's long journey.

gcb reducelatency

Latency is never good for gaming because it can result in lag that hurts your performance when playing over the internet. Try these methods to reduce latency.

gcb satelliteworksHave you ever wondered how a satellite gives you a television connection? We have, too. Read our guide to understanding how satellite TV works to learn more.

Although we have alternatives to satellite TV, like streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, a satellite TV setup still remains a staple in many households. Yet, how do the terms "satellite" and "television" come together and bring us entertainment? Continue reading for a basic understanding of how satellite TV works.

gcb homebroadcastsetup

With the help of these ways to improve your at-home broadcast setup, you can understand how to transition from filming in a studio to filming at home.

Due to recent world events, many work environments have changed immensely. Broadcasts that once took place in big studios, or even churches in some cases, now have to adapt to online broadcasting to continue their work. If you've had to make similar adjustments to your work environment, these ways to improve your at-home broadcast setup will help ensure your stream goes as smooth as possible.

gcb videoconferencing

Working from home presents many challenges. Cloud-based tools can help, but you should also use these best practices for effective videoconferencing.

Millions of people currently working from home are participating in web-based videoconference meetings. Before appearing on camera to conduct or participate in an online video meeting, review these best practices for effective videoconferencing.

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To improve the flow of traffic and provide safer driving conditions, these influential new technologies in traffic management have revolutionized roadways.

Effective traffic management is essential for reducing traffic jams and creating safer and more efficient driving conditions. As more and more people are spending an increasing amount of time on the road, finding ways to cut down on commute times and alleviate traffic congestion is imperative. As such, new technologies are continuously emerging to further advance the intelligent transportation system market and improve driver experience in a number of ways. To learn about some of the most influential new technologies in traffic management, continue reading.

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Technology is making a huge difference in the lives of people around the world. Learn some significant ways technology is helping disabled drivers, here: