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Delve into the incredible ways drones are helping the environment and discover how this tech continues to play a role in changing the world for the better.

Drone technology has led to many positive developments in the world. But by far, the most important work drones are doing involves helping protect our planet. So, please take a moment to explore some of the most significant ways drones are helping us become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Reforestation Efforts
Drones are helping spearhead reforestation campaigns in certain regions. Planting trees is time-consuming and involves a lot of hoping for the best.

Because of recent developments in drone technology, models are now being used to help scope out the healthiest environments for planting new trees. One project, in particular, uses drones to acquire three-dimensional scans of terrain.

Once scans are complete, software analyzes the data and determines the best locations for specific types of trees to grow in. From there, the drones create flight paths, and vessels containing various seeds are dropped and dispersed along each flight path.

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There are tons of myths surrounding the internet and, specifically, cables as technology advances and grows. So let's uncover the truth about data cables.

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A lot of misinformation about what you should invest your time and money in is floating around the internet, so it's important that you do your due diligence and study the subject as much as possible until you know it well. Today, we'll begin debunking some of the most common cable myths and shining some light on the World Wide Web and how it drives data.

Wireless Is the Way to Go
Many people believe that wireless internet is somehow superior to Ethernet because you can travel with the former. This is not entirely accurate, however, as this is the only real benefit that wireless has over Ethernet. With Ethernet, your connection is grounded, so you'll have a better connection long term. Plus, the speed is optimized because it isn't being sent out through radio frequencies. Instead, it's coming directly from the source, through your cable, and into your device.

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Cloud operations require robust security to protect data. Learn about preventing ransomware attacks on cloud services to keep your operation running safely.

Cloud computing has been a boon to businesses in rural areas; the cloud makes collaboration with remote and far-flung employees and services easy. But increasingly, data stored and operations that occur in the cloud face the challenge of staying ahead of hackers. Businesses that have migrated data to the cloud may think they have more protection, but hackers have followed. The most recent threats come from ransomware, where attackers gain access to data stored in the cloud, encrypt it, and demand a ransom to release the data or provide the decryption key. Businesses that haven’t prepared for this threat risk costly losses. Preventing ransomware attacks on cloud services has become a priority for cloud service providers and their clients alike.

deepcoatindustries 96784 dropped phone calls image1Can you not figure out why you can’t keep anyone on the line? Check out the most common cause of dropped cell phone calls for an answer to your dilemma.

If you are frequently losing connection during phone calls, a few suspects are typically responsible. Explore this blog to find out the most common causes of dropped cell phone calls.

Physical Obstruction
The most common reason for your phone call to drop is because of physical obstructions. The interference can come from the building’s material when you’re indoors: stone, cement, and steel make for great signal blockers. But even energy-efficient windows can cause disturbances.
Then, your signal can also get jammed because of outside obstructions, from surrounding buildings and trees to a hill that you can’t even see. Anything directly between you and the cell phone tower could be why you can’t sustain calls.
The best solution for getting around physical obstructions is going outside and getting to the highest point possible. That way, your signal can travel over the obstacles.

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Next-generation sequencing brings endless potential to science and medicine. Discover the exciting applications of next-generation sequencing with this rundown.

Next-generation sequencing sounds like a term straight out of a science fiction novel. The idea doesn't become any less fascinating once you learn more about it, either. Researchers use next-generation sequencing to study genomes and gain valuable genetic information from DNA samples. The process is fairly straightforward, though it does require complex, efficient, and powerful instruments to get the job done. However, the innovations and potential that next-generation sequencing bring to the table are astounding. Learn more about some of the common applications of next-generation sequencing with this guide.

Cancer Research
Learning more about the different types of cancer is crucial in the effort to discover treatments, preventative measures, and potential cures. Next-generation sequencing offers a faster way to study genomes and learn more about specific cancer strains or mutations. Unlike single-gene or array-based studies, next-generation sequencing can quickly reveal incredibly precise information about an entire genome. Researchers can use next-generation sequencing to study entire genomes or compare tumors to normal tissue. Furthermore, the information next-generation sequencing provides allows medical providers to create faster, more personalized treatment plans for their cancer patients.

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Are you investing in the promise of computer numerical control machining? You'll need motors to power that mill. We'll help you decide which kind to use.

Two words sum up the work you do when assembling or maintaining a CNC mill: decisions, decisions. Do you want to splurge on a servo motor, or are you content to settle for a stepper? Do you want your cutting tool to work along three axes or five? Another question for that spindle motor: do you want a brushed motor or a brushless one?

gcb thedifferentpartsTwo-way radios are essential in the workforce but are easy to forget about unless you use them every day. Learn about the parts of the humble two-way radio!

Though two-way radio technology has changed throughout the years, many elements remain the same. These devices are an essential part of many emergency kits and toolboxes across a variety of industries, from first responders to schools. If an industry or type of business requires instant communication on a local network, you'll likely see a two-way radio in their hand. By looking at some of the different parts of the two-way radio, you can see why this piece of technology has been a staple in communications for decades.

The Antenna

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Find out what you should bring to a recording studio session to make your first album. Sound equipment and instruments are the bare necessities.

Knowing what you should bring to a recording studio session requires a bit of planning if it's your first time. You don't need to pack up your entire basement or garage if you're recording your first album: all you need are the essentials. Find out what professionals bring to recording studios.

Your Agenda
Studio time is expensive. Without a plan, you may waste precious minutes and hours needed to record your music. Plan which songs you will record and how you plan to do it. Stick to your schedule and remember that time is money.

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