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Tech tips

This is a column being posted to the Beat to explain some aspects of technology. It is in exchange for services rendered by Logical Position. 

gcb techfordrivingFrom cell phones to daydreams and billboards, distractions on the road are everywhere. New advancements in technology are working to fight these distractions.

Being distracted behind the wheel is one of the most dangerous and common causes of car accidents. There are many different types of distracted driving, ranging from cognitive distractions to devices distractions like our cell phones. New car technology is aiding in the fight against distracted driving to make our commutes safer for everyone on the road. Here is some of the new technology that reduces distracted driving.

gcb gamingessentials

Are you an avid gamer? Then you need to make sure you have the best set up possible. Check out the gaming essentials you need for the perfect setup here.

Whether you're a professional gamer or you simply enjoy taking gaming seriously, you need an awesome setup. Given that you care about your gaming performance, your setup should reflect that and keep you healthy and comfortable for those long gaming sessions. If you're looking for some of the gaming essentials you need for the perfect setup, check out our list below.

gcb moderndatacenterThough you may assume the internet is a purely virtual phenomenon, websites, apps, and more run from hardware in data centers. To learn how these work, read on.

When you hear "data center," you likely conjure up images of a building with stacked-up, towering servers from which a movie villain steals crucial information. They look impressive onscreen, but there's so much more to a data center when you get down to its function. If you want to dig into how a modern data center works, here's a simple guide.

Data Center Basics

gcb pcgamingvsconsole

There is a frequent debate between gamers about what console is better: Xbox or PlayStation? Here's why PC gaming is better than playing on a console.

PC vs. console is an age-old debate between many gamers regarding what platform is better to play on. Some defend consoles like an Xbox One or a PlayStation 5, but there is a large group of gamers who defend PCs. Many exciting games are coming out later this year, along with the next generation of consoles, but you might be better off getting a PC to check out those titles instead. Keep reading to find out why PC gaming is better than playing on a console.

gcb grocerystoretech

A ton of technological changes is reshaping the way grocery stores function. Check out the technology transforming the shopping experience.

With the world changing so quickly, technology is finding its way into every aspect of our lives. A ton of benefits to technology is finding its way into people's everyday lives. One of the places technology is starting to benefit consumers is in grocery stores. Check out the many exciting ways technology is changing the grocery store experience for everyday people.

gcb microfluidicsystems
Learn about the different ways to manufacture microfluidic systems. Microfluidic systems are very small fluid control devices that are made with precision.

Microfluidic systems are nonturbulent, extremely small devices that have networks of microchannels that allow fluids to pass through or be contained in. The properties and behavior of the minuscule quantities of liquids are then monitored. Typically, microfluidic systems are just a few hundred microns in size. Such devices have a vast variety of applications in many research areas and industrial applications. Because they are so small, the ways to manufacture microfluidic systems must be precise and exacting.

gcb techtrendsinlogistics
In the world of logistics, not many people think technology affects it. However, these top technology trends will help any logistics provider perform better.

New technologies are increasing every day. As startup companies produce new devices that can eliminate mundane tasks, more industries are implementing these technologies into their business models. One prime example is the logistics industry. There are some top technology trends in logistics that everyone must know about. You'll see how these technologies are making shipping and warehouse storage more efficient day by day.

gcb electricitytohome

Electricity powers many pieces of technology we depend on daily. Read this guide to how power plants produce it and how it travels to your home.

To a casual observer, electricity is an invisible yet vital wonder. Its unification with our homes allows us a steady, uninterrupted source to power gaming, working on the computer, cooking, cleaning, watching TV, lighting the home, and much more. If you're curious how your home gets its electricity—where it originates and how it travels—read on. This guide on how electricity gets to your home walks you through electricity's long journey.