grantcountybeat protecteyesfromscreens

Too much screen exposure is very bad for a person’s health. Learn what you can do to protect your eyes from screens if you’re around them all day long.

People come into contact with screens every day. They’re on our computers and our phones—it’s almost impossible to stay away from them. However, too much screen exposure is harmful to our health. Read this guide on how to protect your eyes from screens if you’re around them all day long. You need to make sure you have 20/20 vision throughout 2020.

Adjust Your Device’s Luminance Settings 

According to Gamma Scientific, “Simply put, luminance describes the amount of light that is emitted from, passed through, or reflected off an object.” Unlike brightness, we can measure luminance using a luminance meter. Brightness, on the other hand, is subjective. There is no way to measure it, as we perceive it through the human eye. If you’re wondering how to protect your eyes from screens, adjust your device’s luminance settings. The less white a screen is, the less it will harm your eyes.

Sit Away from Screens 

Another simple thing you can do to protect your eyes from screens is to sit away from them. Your eyes can’t handle sitting too close to screens. They can’t manipulate images properly if you’re too close, and the brightness will give you a massive headache. Do yourself a favor and sit at least six inches away from any screen you’re coming into contact with. This will keep your eyes from getting strained. This is also a great health tip for other areas of your body, as well. For example, constantly looking down at your phone’s screen is bad for your neck. Don’t forget to move things around and keep your eyes a safe distance away from your screen.

Take Breaks

It’s so important to take breaks and not spend every minute of the day looking at screens. If you need to stare at a computer all day at work, dedicate five minutes of every hour to get up and walk away from your screen. If you don’t use a computer much, pay attention to how often you are on your phone. There are apps you can install that will show you your average screen time for the week. Download one of those apps and try to reduce your screen time a little more every week. Your eyes will feel so much better the less time you spend looking at a screen.