Best Technology Upgrades for Older Cars

Just because you own an older vehicle, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the cool new features. Here are the best technology upgrades for older cars.

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Great advancements in car technology continue each year. Just because you own an older vehicle, though, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all these new features. Putting in these features can add value to your car if you want to see it down the road. You can see some of the best technology upgrades for older cars in this list:

Remote Starter
Many cars today don’t even use a traditional key to unlock or even start the car. For older cars, you can get on that level with a remote car starter. A remote starter is also ideal for when the weather gets bad and you want to warm your car up without stepping outside. A remote car starter takes convience to the next level, and it’s a great way to get your car running before you take off, which can really benefit it.

Cassette/Bluetooth Adapter
Music, podcasts, and audiobooks get many people through their daily commutes and long road trips. A great feature in many new cars is Bluetooth capabilities. Unfortunately, older cars usually just have CD and cassette players, which is bad news when most of us use our smartphones for music, podcasts, and audiobooks. The good news is you can get a cassette adapter that you can then plug into your earphone jack. If your phone doesn’t have an earphone jack, you can get a Bluetooth adapter too. These car adapters will let you play everything you enjoy straight from your phone to your speakers.

USB Charger
In addition to adding a cassette or Bluetooth adapter, you should also have a USB charger handy. This is another common car feature in newer cars. For older vehicles, you can get a USB charger and plug it into the cigarette lighter to ensure your phone doesn’t die while you are on the road.

Backup Camera
A backup camera is another common piece of technology in new cars, and it’s incredibly helpful for getting out of the driveway without hitting anything. However, backup cameras aren’t just reserved for new cars. You can install a front and rear dash camera for your older car if you want to improve your safety. A backup camera is one of the best technology upgrades for older cars that will surely help take your car into the next decade.