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You might have heard about cord cutting, but don’t know what it is. Follow our guide to cable TV cord cutting, so you can take the necessary steps.

You might have also heard of Netflix, but you don’t know how to get it. TVs are still the most popular way Americans watch entertainment, however, the landscape continues to change and it can also get expensive. The good news is you can save money by getting rid of cable or your satellite TV plan and get even more content. Follow our guide to cable TV cord cutting so that you can take the necessary steps.

Look into Streaming Services
The first thing you should do is look into the streaming service options you have. As the steaming wars continue, more and more options will pop up. Look into what kind of shows are offered on them and decide whether it’s worth getting. Some of the best streaming services to consider include:
• Netflix
• Disney Plus
• Hulu
• ESPN Plus
• Amazon Prime Video
• HBO Now
• CBS All Access
• DC Universe
Streaming services are great for shows and movies, but if you want to watch live events like sports or the news, consider getting a service like Sling, FuboTV, or YouTube TV as well. These services will come with different plans you can chose from with different channels.

Keep Track of Subscriptions
The great thing about cable cutting is that you get to pick and choose exactly what you want to watch. However, this also means having different bills each month. Keep track of how much each streaming service costs and when you get billed each month. If it starts to become too much, you can simply cancel the service. Keeping track, also gives you a good idea on how much you pay each month.

Get A Streaming Device
The next part of our guide to cable TV cutting is how you watch the services. Once you get your chosen streaming services figured out, you have to decide what you will watch them on. Some TVs have the apps for the streaming services already on them, so check to see if that’s the case before you start spending money. If you don’t have an HD TV, we recommend you upgrade to a Smart TV. For the streaming devices, some options on what you can get include:
• Roku
• Amazon Fire TV
• Google Chromecast
• Apple TV
Make sure the streaming device has the services you want. Also, get more than one device, so you can enjoy TV anywhere in your home.

Improve Your Internet
Cable cutting also means that you will use more Internet to watch your favorite movies, shows, and events. Make sure you have a strong enough connection, so you can watch it all without any disruption. This might mean you have to upgrade your Internet package or get one. Contact local Internet providers and look into their speeds, pricing, and their overall plans.

Install an HD Antenna
For live events like sports and news, you can save even more money if you don’t want to get a streaming service for that. Instead, you can enjoy local channels by getting an HD antenna. You can find an HD antenna anywhere and they usually run for around $20, but you essentially get free TV with a one-time payment.