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Drones are commonly used for taking pictures. Learn more about all drone technology offers to the casual and commercial user from our guide.

By now, you’re accustomed to drone technology’s use in certain tasks and activities. You may have used one for photography, heard they’re being used to deliver packages, and even read news reports of drones used for military operations. Even though these are a few of the better-known uses, drone use still has so much uncharted territory to explore. We discuss just a few of the many creative ways to use drone technology.

Wildlife Conservation

Conservationists constantly try to find ways to track different animal populations so that they can credibly identify current populations and project species trends. Drones give a sky-high view of animals and can travel as they do, noting their behavior. Also, if a population inhabits an area rife with poachers, drones can capture these people on video, so they can be identified and expeditiously punished. 

Maintain Your Crop

Another creative use for a drone is in the field to maximize crop yields. Drones provide detailed information on the state of crops that aren’t as accessible from the ground. This allows farmers to improve their irrigation and drainage techniques. Drones can also administer pesticides. Overall, drone use provides farmers a wealth of information and quicker means of addressing issues as they arise.

Better Your Business

Drones can help your business in several ways outside of farming too. They can allow for quick and automated shipping, help an architectural firm get usable footage to plan a project, or obtain the perfect pictures of residences so that real estate companies can attract buyers. The industrial sector can even benefit from drone technology—they are more and more commonly used for industrial inspections, which allow safer and more detailed assessments of facilities.


Of course, they can also be used for pure fun. A flying device you can precisely control on the ground is perfect for a whole new kind of racing experience. You can pit yourself against your friends, create obstacle courses to navigate, and even join a professional drone racing league if you’re looking for a challenge.