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Technology is making a huge difference in the lives of people around the world. Learn some significant ways technology is helping disabled drivers, here:

Technology may sometimes be a vast and overwhelming thing, but it’s made significant improvements for millions of people’s lives. Hospitals are safer, communication is easier, and learning something new is as simple as searching on the phone at our fingertips. One of the biggest areas that technology has helped is within the realm of disabled caregiving and disabled living. There are tons of ways that technology has improved the process of disabled caregiving, from the different apps to remote patient monitoring. But, one of the best ways is that it has given disabled individuals an independence level they could not have in the past. Driving is one of those areas of independence—learn more below about the different ways technology is helping disabled drivers, not just those that care for them!

Apps Allow for Easier Finding and Sharing
Hundreds of new apps come out each day, and though many may seem “unnecessary,” there are actually quite a few that have made life easier for individuals. There are apps to help disabled drivers find the closest handicap spot, there are apps to help disabled drivers and individuals find the closest wheelchair-accessible restrooms—the options are seemingly endless and help thousands of people. These apps help disabled drivers find and share essential information in a simple way.

Voice Control Improves Navigation
Voice control has improved tremendously since its beginner days. It’s improved so much, in fact, that it’s one of the main ways technology is helping disabled drivers. With the help of voice control, text-to-speech, and assistive touch, those with disabilities can get around and communicate easier. They help people figure out mapping directions, help communicate with others, and ensure safe travels.

Safer Vehicles Make Driving Less of a Worry
In the past, driving made a lot of disabled individuals and their loved ones quite anxious. But with the constant creation of safer vehicles, that worry diminishes. Car companies around the world are using all the technology available to provide access to safer cars. Things like “crash performance” standards and “active accident avoidance” keep the driver safe, whether that’s by redistributing force away from passengers or by automatically braking to avoid crashes.

Easier Application Process for Disabled Permits
Another way technology has helped disabled individuals is by making the application process for disabled permits much easier. It used to be quite the process to have to apply in person, but now technology has made that process much easier with improved telemedicine technologies.

Technology has made living life a lot easier for many people—these are just a few of the incredible ways.