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Looking to upgrade your workstation, entertainment space, or gaming setup? Explore just how versatile HDMI cords are and why you should get one.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables are flexible additions to nearly any technical setup. These cords transfer audio and video from one source to another and are primarily used to enhance viewing experiences. Whether you're gaming, streaming a movie, or working on a project, you'll find that an HDMI cord can make it all easier. If you're considering adding an HDMI cable to your repertoire of tech equipment at home or in the office, just know it'll make a quality investment. Explore the top reasons to get an HDMI cord for your home or work.

Hook Up Another Monitor To Your Laptop or PC
One of the greatest advantages of having an HDMI cord is being able to hook up your laptop or PC with an additional monitor. Especially for folks whose screens appear quite cluttered, having a separate monitor is a major convenience. The perk of adding another monitor is beneficial for both work and leisure activities.

Useful for Work

A cluttered screen can hinder your workflow and productivity, not to mention add unnecessary stress or anxiety. With another monitor, you can even divide your workflow across two whole screens, so that you're not left feeling so overwhelmed.

Useful for Recreation
Many gamers also appreciate an HDMI cord's ability to connect to another monitor. They can span their viewing experience across two separate screens or utilize one for navigating their games and one for other online gaming resources.

No More Movies on Your Laptop
Sure, watching movies on your laptop can be convenient, but the limited screen size takes away from the epic visuals in films. If your TV doesn't have cable, simply hooking it up to your laptop allows you to enjoy your movies on the big(ger) screen.
Distance, which in this case would be between laptop and TV monitor, is just one of the considerations for selecting a high-speed HDMI cable. Think about whether you want to access your laptop throughout the movie and need a longer cord or are fine resting your laptop next to the TV during your watch party.

For a Blu-Ray Viewing Experience
Wrapping up our tops reasons to get an HDMI cord is that it's vital to Blu-Ray player functionality. Every Blu-Ray player dons an HDMI port for viewers to link an HDMI cable with a TV. For high-definition movie nights that incorporate Blu-Ray discs, get yourself a reliable HDMI cord.