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Published: 05 April 2022 05 April 2022

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It's critical that you prevent servers from overheating, lest you risk them breaking down. Explore ways to improve your data center's cooling efficiency here.

You'll notice the temperature drop immediately when you walk into a data center. These frigid temperatures are crucial because the active servers generate heat, and you must keep them cool to function correctly.

When you're in charge of one of these facilities, you need to lower temperatures so that valuable electrical equipment doesn't burn out. You can find some practical ways to improve your data center's cooling efficiency below to help avoid overheating.

Utilize Blanking Panels

Blanking panels are one of a handful of essential server rack accessories you need to have available for your data center. Basically, blanking panels are flattened components that you install over empty spaces in a rack to divide hot and frigid air zones. This feature prevents stifling air from settling inside gaps and redirects airflow for improved cooling.

Adopt a Hot-and-Cold-Aisle Strategy

Your data center doesn't necessarily need to feel like the inside of a walk-in freezer. Instead, focus on eliminating hot air from the atmosphere before it circulates again. The more you can accomplish this task, the more efficient your cooling process will be.

Begin by aligning racks in rows so that the front of cold aisles face each other and the back of heated aisles face each other. This layout stops the servers from absorbing hot air from the machines in the next row.

Replace UPS Systems That Aren't Up to Snuff

Eliminating excessive heat sources is a tremendous help in keeping your space cool. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a battery backup that briefly powers systems when there is a power outage that requires you to shut everything down safely.

You should replace conventional online UPS with more energy-efficient counterparts to boost efficiency and minimize heat production. These replacements are beneficial when redundant UPS systems are underutilized.

Practice Smart Cable Management

Having tangled cables lying in complete disorder can seriously obstruct airflow in a room. This obstruction prevents cool air from flowing freely beneath raised floors, allowing heat to build up inside enclosures. Utilizing sensible cable management solutions can help give your data center a tidy look while boosting cooling efficiency.

You should move your cabling to overhead cable managers in raised-floor settings such as tray routing systems. Patch cables should be organized inside enclosures using high-capacity cable management.

Applying these diverse ways to improve the cooling efficiency of your data center can help you save money on energy bills while also protecting your valuable equipment. You'll be surprised at how big a difference a little time and effort can make.