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This is a column being posted to the Beat to explain some aspects of technology. It is in exchange for services rendered by Logical Position. 

tgcb themostunderappreciated
Don't take the things in your life for granted. Here is a short list of the most underappreciated inventions of all time in our everyday lives.

Think about how many items we use in our regular everyday lives that we take for granted and never think twice about. There really are so many! Here is a list of the most underappreciated inventions of all time that maybe you should take a second to be thankful for. Your life might be harder without them!

The Lock and Key
The concept of the lock and key is utilized throughout all our lives in numerous aspects. The lock and key are a huge security element that we use to keep our homes and belongings safe. We use our keys to lock our door up behind us without ever even thinking about it. This is a perfect example of how underappreciated this invention is, even though it plays a huge role in our lives.

tgcb wireandcable

Wires and cables are fundamental to the function of just about every electronic device. Handle them with care and stay safe using these tips.

Pretty much every electronic device must use a wire or cable to connect with other technologies or receive power. Even wireless devices often charge via corded docking stations. As common as they are, though, you may handle electronic cords in an incorrect way that increases their hazardousness. Remember these wire and cable safety tips you should know to make your home or workplace secure.

Unplug Unused Cords

gcb importantwaysleds

Many technological devices have changed the world. With so many amazing items out there, people often forget the role that LEDs have had on society.

It's crazy to imagine where we would be without technology. What would teenagers do if they couldn't scroll through TikTok? How would modern offices operate if they still had to keep paper documents? These are common questions that enter people's minds when thinking about technology. However, people often ignore how significant LED lights have been to modern society. This article explains the important ways LEDs have changed the world. Perhaps after reading, people will develop a newfound appreciation for these crucial components.

gcb waystoimprove
Every business needs a website. In this digital era, it's crucial to have a functioning and professional site. Discover ways to improve your existing one.

In the current digital era, it's more important now than ever to have a quality website for your business. Small businesses can't get away with just a social media profile anymore. You need a solid website for customers to believe you're a legitimate business. Explore ways to improve your small business website.

gcb hightechportable
Technology brings health care to tools you can carry with you wherever you go. Check out these high-tech portable medical devices that make life easier.

Remote health care became a necessity during the global COVID-19 pandemic. A variety of high-tech portable medical devices make life easier by coordinating with associated apps to provide and record important health information. Consult your physician before trying or relying on a new medical device and ask your doctor to explain what results warrant a consultation or a trip to the hospital.

Personal EKG

gcb mustknowways

People are using computerized systems now more than ever, and companies must keep up. Follow these tips to make the digital adjustment easier for everyone.

We live in an ever-changing digital society. People are glued to their phones all the time, and almost everyone relies on the internet for communication. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased our reliance on technology for both our personal lives and our jobs. Business owners must be ready to adapt to technological changes. Read about these ways to modernize your company's technology. It's time to step into the digital age, whether you are ready or not.

Invest in Technological Resources

gcb equipmentsmallbusiness

Continuously bettering your business is the key to success. Click here to look at the equipment small businesses should splurge on.

There are many different steps you can take to grow and develop your business. If you are looking for ways to go about doing this, you have come to the right place. Below is information regarding equipment that small businesses should splurge on that will help improve and better their business.

High-End Computers

gcb howtechis
The tech world is drastically different from what it was at the turn of the 21st century. Read on to learn how its quick evolution affects volunteer engagement.

The lack of in-person contact during the coronavirus pandemic doesn't change life for just individuals stuck at home. It also upends how businesses and charities connect with customers/partners. Each sector needed to transition the entirety of their attention online, essentially overnight.

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