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This is a column being posted to the Beat to explain some aspects of technology. It is in exchange for services rendered by Logical Position. 

grantcountybeat protecteyesfromscreens

Too much screen exposure is very bad for a person’s health. Learn what you can do to protect your eyes from screens if you’re around them all day long.

People come into contact with screens every day. They’re on our computers and our phones—it’s almost impossible to stay away from them. However, too much screen exposure is harmful to our health. Read this guide on how to protect your eyes from screens if you’re around them all day long. You need to make sure you have 20/20 vision throughout 2020.

grantcountybeat techinhealthcareThe health care industry improves every year, and we have the privilege of watching it grow. Here we list five fascinating advancements in the industry.

From the sweating sickness to scarlet fever, we as a society have experienced a litany of deathly illnesses throughout history. Fortunately for us, medicine has made significant strides across the decades, and monitoring many of these illnesses has become easier than ever. Today, we’ve gathered a collection of significant advancements in the health care industry.

1. Digital Tattoos
This may seem like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but digital tattoos are a very real—and convenient—addition to the health care industry. These tattoos are a noninvasive method for monitoring patient progress, and they’re easily removed. They can keep track of things such as body temperature and heart rate, and they can even monitor an individual’s alcohol intake.

2. EMI Shielding

grantcountybeat advancementsinconstrandtechAdvancements in Construction and Tech

Construction can be a dangerous profession, but technology is slowly eliminating some of the dangers. Here are some advancements in construction and technology.

Improvements in technology have a huge impact on many industries, including some you may not expect. Construction, for example, can be a dangerous profession, but technology is changing that fact in many ways. Construction involves more than the building itself—it also requires a lot of planning. Here are some advancements in construction and technology that are changing the industry for the better.


 One of the most popular ways to get your voice out there is podcasting. Make your own successful podcast with these tips to help get you started.


Podcasts can be used to tell stories, review media, spread news, and more—if you can talk about it, you can make a podcast about it. That’s why so many people are making their own. When you’ve got a brilliant idea, these tips for starting the next great podcast can help you get your voice and talent out into the world.

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