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western new mexico university photo one one 35Western New Mexico University educates many students from Grant County and beyond. (The photograph was provided courtesy of the Western New Mexico University.)

The Chronicles Of Grant County has contacted several of the governmental entities that serve people of Grant County during the past two months to determine if funds that appear to be unclaimed monies due to those governmental entities are in fact funds due to them.

Western New Mexico University (WNMU) is one of those governmental entities locally that appear to have unclaimed monies owed to them. These funds are being held by the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department.

According to information on the MissingMoney.Com website, funds potentially owed to WNMU came from a number of different entities. An entity named "EOG Resources" reported that it owed less than $100 to "New Mexico University Western." The records indicated that Avaya reported that it owed more than $100 to WNMU, while Western Bank is listed as the entity that reported that it owed more than $100 to "Western NM University."

Edward Jones & Company is listed as the entity that reported it owed "Western New Mexico U" more than $100, while International Data Group reported that it owed more than $100 to "Western New Mexico Univ." XCEL Energy is listed as having reported two amounts due to "Of Regents NM West College Board" at 1000 West College Avenue; this address is listed as the main address for WNMU. Mobil Corporation is listed as having reported that it owed more than $100 to "Of Regents of NM Board."

United Healthcare Insurance reported that it owed more than $100 to the "Western New Mexico University Famil" at 513 12th Street. This street address is listed as the location of the Western New Mexico University Family Counseling Center.

In addition, there are nine payments reported from one specific entity as due to "Western New Mexico," but that entity could be one different from WNMU. One of these nine items listed an address that is different from what appears to be the location of WNMU.

"Western New Mexico University is diligent about following up on outstanding payments," stated Amanda Stern, Director of Fiscal Affairs at Western New Mexico University. "Evident by the minimal number of possibly unclaimed funds, WNMU strives to ensure our books are updated and accurate. Along the same lines, we in the WNMU Division of Business Affairs are also careful to communicate with our students, staff and community partners when they should expect refunds or payments and ultimately to transfer any unclaimed money to the state or the federal government."

"Sites like this one you referenced are useful for personal use," Ms. Stern continued. "However, WNMU, as a government entity with a history of good stewardship of public funds, works to ensure it collects funding that belongs to the university and our community as a whole. The instances of monies listed on this site as unclaimed by WNMU appear to be mostly cases of vendors having the university's account information incorrect. Being aware of these possible imbursements, the WNMU Division of Business Affairs is looking into each individually."

Information about unclaimed funds potentially due to other governmental entities in Grant County will be detailed in future editions of The Chronicles Of Grant County.

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