marketing matters header for 8 17 18 social media best practices tip 3 and 4Social media channels each have unique qualities about them and afford businesses with opportunities to effectively implement marketing initiatives. However, each of these channels have certain proven “best practices.” Below our some “best practice” methods, accepted industry-wide and proven successful. These tips can be applied to business in general, but are also written here to illustrate event social medial marketing.

Last week Tip #1 and Tip #2. This week Tip #3 and Tip#4.

Best Practices Tip 3:

• Develop a frequency of posting strategy---This is completely dependent on the channel, the industry, and the unique business situation, but typically two errors happen either: (1) over-saturation of posts that desensitizes fan bases or (2) too few posts that fail to create engagement/interest in the brand.
o Typical event posting schedules
 3 months before a specific event kick-off, scattered posts 1 to 2 times a week
 2 months out, post frequency increases (depending on event) 3 to 4 times a week
 1 month out, most likely daily posts or definite strong presence established each week
o In addition, the campaign is complimented by not only postings, but advertisements placed on the channel and development of audiences and traffic conversion to website; plus traditional marketing

Best Practices Tip 4:
 Use the channel the way it was intended--Each channel is unique, with unique targeted users, who have unique needs and ways of communicating. Know the “best-practices” of the channel. These channels should have different purposes and focuses; thus, the content presentation should be different, just as the users are different. The same message is not sent in the same format across all channels. Each channel should have a specific focus and purpose within your digital platform.

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