marketing matters header 8 24 18As a marketer or manager/owner of a business, how you help assist your customers or potential customers engage with your brand is paramount to success. You have the ability to influence brand engagement and shift consumer behavior in your favor. With more than 2 billion consumers shopping regularly online, the exponential growth of connectivity of consumers through third-screen devices such as smartphones and tablets, represents how consumers are in the “Participation Age.” Research shows that consumers, who are drawn to regular engagement with a company’s website or other social media platforms used by the company, have a significant increase in purchases from that company.

Since engagement correlates with purchases, then how do you create consumer engagement online for your brand? Create engagement and influence purchase through:
keyboard clip art• Place digital ad with a coupon or discount / Ad offers some kind of interactive content / Ad has a link to more information
• Opportunity for consumer to post something about the brand (such as a review after the purchase, photos of how a project turned out, post advice, post a remark/photo that can be shared). With the changes in Facebook, it is ever more important to post content that gets shared and generates longer comments. Especially focus on shared content that then generates comments. The new algorithms will give your content better exposure if there is more engagement, longer engagement.
• Offer contests where the consumer has to logon to be entered or to comment on something in a longer narrative form that simply a “thumbs up” or “like.”

Brand engagement can also be encouraged through loyalty cards / punch cards. Customer loyalty is so critical to success. In business there is a general rule known as the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. Award your most loyal customers with loyalty cards and you will encourage them to be engaged even more in your brand, post positive reviews, spread the word about your business, take their friends and family to your business. The small discount you give your most loyal customers will be repaid many times over as they will participate in your business even more!

Read next week for more insights by Sabrina Pack-Professional Marketing Consultant. If you have a topic you would like to know more about. Contact me and I will consider it for a topic discussion.

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