marketing matters header for 11 2 18 about market segmentationAre you a retailer? Being able to capitalize on the “hype” of Black Friday (weekend) and Cyber Monday can be of huge importance to your business. What is incredibly interesting is how the mindset of the consumer has evolved over recent years and how the consumer has been pushed to engage in purchasing during this time period.

This means consumers have been “primed” to spend, spend, and spend. Now how do you get the “ready, able, and excited consumer” to spend with you?

• Email is so important! Even with all the “hype” around the latest social media trends, email marketing is so VERY powerful to all size of retailers. Current research shows that over 25% of online sales are a direct result of email, that doesn’t count what an email advertisement can do to push consumers to your retail location.

• E-commerce is surpassing retail location sales. This means businesses need to focus on how to provide easy-to-use websites for their consumers. The consumers are ready to spend. You need to make it easy and engaging to spend with you. Also, don’t underestimate the power of Mobile. According to marketing research company, Marketing Land, transactions using mobile devises this cyber Monday will account for over 26% of all cyber sales.

o How to build e-commerce business?
 Build brand awareness with handouts to all customers shopping instore and drive consumers with special promotions to get them to go to your website
 Develop your email list
 Develop hyperlocal web apps. Even if you are not to a stage of having your own store app, you can still focus on hyperlocal strategies on your website. Make your website particularly local and personalized. Research is showing that consumers prefer experiences that make them feel the personality of the local store over the “big box” approach to marketing.
 Send out real-time promotions through your store’s website, Facebook, and/or email. Offer digital handouts online. Research by PayPal shows more than 50% of the consumers prefer real-time promotions and respond to such promotions.

o Track your customer purchases and what they may have left in “online shopping carts,” not completing the transaction. Develop strategies to send reminders, special promotions, etc. to those customers. Develop brand loyalty and return shopping.
• Focus on how to make the in-store shopping experience personal, caring, and appreciated….and remember, that consumer will have probably shopped your offerings on-line first. Therefore, first impressions may very well be your e-commerce platform.

Effective marketing strategies will cut through the noise of the season and brand you as unique and centered around the genuine needs of the consumer. … And don’t forget about how loyalty and punch cards programs keep customers coming back. You can even offer a special loyalty card for those shopping on the special after Thanksgiving weekend!

One last pointer -- don’t underestimate the power of a gift card! Research by First Data, shows that gift card purchases have been around $140 billion for the season and when people redeem the cards, 72% will spend more than the value of the card. Set up your website to offer gift cards, promote gift card sales in your store at the point-of-sale location, send out special gift card discounts to loyal members—develop your customer base and increase revenues with gift cards. You can even sell your gift cards on eBay, Etsy, or Craigslist.

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