By Peter Burrows -

Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have been my favorite economists for many decades. If you watch them on You Tube, you’ll see why. Here are three brief You Tubes on the minimum wage by my gurus. If they don’t come through, just go to You Tube and search by name and “minimum wage” and look for those with about the times of those below.

The first, by Walter Williams, is the longest at almost ten minutes. Well worth the time. The next, featuring Thomas Sowell, is from a 1981 Firing Line show and is less than three minutes. (His latest You Tube appearances show how well he has aged. Still writing, still incisive at 89.) The final is Milton Friedman and is less than three minutes. There are many more by these three on the minimum wage, and on many other topics as well.

I don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, if after watching these you still believe that minimum wage laws are a good idea, you are either stupid, a union toady or a racist. Strong letter to follow.

WEW 9:58 Dr. Williams gives a little economics lesson getting to his point.
TS 2:50 - To say the lib woman is invincibly stupid is perhaps redundant, but it feels good to say it.
Milt 2:31 Dr. Friedman addresses both lousy schools and minimum wage laws as causes of poverty. He was a treasure.