Once again there is so much going on in the world that it’s hard to pick one topic on which to focus for this week’s column. Either that or I’m just not feeling verbose. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a random thoughts and observations column. And away we go! (some of you may recognize that catch phrase from way back in the day).

Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

Venice Italy is suffering from a flood. I guess it is hurting tourism and putting some of the historic homes in danger once again but why it would be a top story for somebody like CBS News in the United States, I’m not sure. Not really, I know exactly why. The CBS Reporter said the water is currently 74 inches above normal level in Venice and most experts believe it is due to climate change. Now, climate change is a fairly recent phenomenon if you listen to those ‘experts’ and their friends in the media. In 1967, the flood level reached 76 inches. That was before the man caused climate change phenomenon began. And that is not even the record high which was well before that. So I guess if we are to draw a conclusion, man caused climate change is actually reducing the severity of floods in Venice.

The one overriding conclusion you can take away from what we have seen in the impeachment inquiry so far is that all the ‘evidence’ put forth by the Democrat witnesses is absolute hearsay. Not one shred of so-called evidence testified to by all these witnesses would be admissible in a court of law. I'm not sure that I would even call most of the testimony hearsay it is so far removed from the source incident or documents that it should be more appropriately classified as gossip.

Have you ever noticed that some people age like fine wine while others age like milk?

The other clear and convincing conclusion you can reach is that Adam Schiff is a liar. For him to now claim that he doesn't know the identity of the whistleblower proves the politicians believe they can lie to you , you know they're lying to you, and they have gotten away with it for so long that they continue to do it. Yet, Congressman Schiff warned the Republican representatives that if they asked a question that would lead to the identification of the whistleblower or if he thought they were about to say the name of the whistleblower, he would stop them. How do you stop them from saying a name if you do not know what the name is? Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself in case you were wondering.

Apparently, this guy at Walmart was just tying his shoes and did not want to play leapfrog. My bad.

Jamie Diamond the CEO of JP Morgan Chase Was giving an interview to one of the business channels this week when he responded to a question by saying that he agreed with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders that the rich in our country are too rich. In his opinion middle class income had stayed flat for the last 15 years while the very rich saw their incomes rise. Since this was not Fox Business Network I was somewhat dumbfounded Wendy host of the show asked Jamie about his 31 million dollar annual salary. Diamond Very quickly and sternly pointed out that his salary and compensation package is determined by the board of directors. He was then asked if he couldn't refuse part of the salary and give it back to put it into the pockets of employees. His response was the same. proving once again that to the liberals someone else is always guilty of being greedy or bigoted but never themselves.

Grocery stores really should have carts or baskets in the middle of the store for those days when you overestimate your ability to carry everything yourself.

Rocky Mountain College is a Christian college based in Billings MT. This past week students asked permission to erect a memorial display that included several crosses. The Dean of the school denied the request saying that the erection of crosses took away other students' rights to choose whether or not to engage or not engage in thought or conversation or debate about specific topics. That might be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard from a college administrator and believe me that bar is very high. I would think that most students attending a Christian college would expect to see crosses or other religious symbols on the campus. Having those items or any other item displayed does not take away one's right to choose. I walk by displays that I find offensive or curious and make the choice not to engage with that individual or group all the time. Is the Dean saying that the mere sight of a “divisive” symbol renders the snowflakes incapable of making a choice? Apparently so. The Dean also denied the fact that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

The podcasts we started posting will soon be back. All my fault with my lack of technological expertise.