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Honestly, I am getting tired of discussing our governmental overreach in response to this former pandemic. Any reasonable person can only come to one conclusion regarding the restrictions placed upon us by our governor and the proposed ordinance for the town of Silver City regarding the wearing of masks: this is politically motivated and not in any way shape or form based upon medical evidence. I am beginning to understand why people in communist countries always look like they were beaten down emotionally and physically. Our voices are not being listened to and those that provide evidence contradicting the politicians' opinions are attacked personally as quacks, hacks, or worse.

I read reports of the discussion by our City Counselors regarding the proposed ordinance along with having watched our governor's press conferences. In both instances participants cited medical arguments that have long since been proven to be wrong as justification for their actions. Among the claims made are that the virus can travel 18 feet if blown by the wind; permanent damage can be done to the male reproductive organs; children are more susceptible to getting the disease; the list goes on. I am just going to say this, each one of those claims was made early on and has since been proven by medical professionals to be false theories. The fact that our politicians are relying upon these arguments to justify their actions is either one of the worst cases of willful ignorance or a deliberate attempt to mislead us in order to take control of our lives. You make the decision.

I have known our mayor, Ken Ladner, for a long time. He is one of the nicest, kindest human beings on the face of the earth. I understand that when he took the time to walk around downtown and talk to people about wearing masks, his heart was in the right place. But having a deputy from the Silver City Police Department accompany him sent the wrong message. I had several people who encountered him tell me they saw it as a threat, which I have no doubt that it was not, but it appeared that way. It was not a good look.

As I said I'm tired of this discussion, which doesn't mean I'm going to stop talking about it as I'll have much more on the radio show tomorrow. And I want to encourage each of you to visit the city's website and send an email to our City Council and mayor opposing the proposed ordinance. That said I think it's time for some humor.

Paul Nixon, 51, of Harris County, Texas, no longer wanted to be married to his wife. Apparently she makes all the decisions in the family and she did not want to divorce so there was not going to be a divorce. Paul did what anyone in his situation would do, he got one anyway. Paul forged his wife's name on the paperwork, including forging the notary confirming that she signed the documents, and filed the paperwork with the Harris County District Court on February 15th the day after celebrating Valentine's Day with his wife.

As you can imagine, Paul is not the most assertive personality in the world and even when the divorce was granted he continued to live in the communal home with his ex-spouse. She only became aware of the situation when she was reviewing the bank statement for what used to be their joint checking account and realized that her name was no longer on the statement and he had been spending money at some jewelry stores and restaurants. She was not the beneficiary of those gifts or romantic meals.

When she confronted Paul about the situation. He told her it was none of her business since they were now divorced. He then turned and ran away. Not so fast there, Sparky. In Texas both parties have to be aware of the proceedings in order for them to be legal. Paul is now on the run facing forgery charges that could land him in prison for up to 10 years. I'm guessing he thinks it was worth it.

I read another story in which a woman In Florida was hyped up on meth and over two days, she broke into four different homes and did the dishes and cleaned the house while the homeowners were gone. When caught she told officers she was looking for something to do because she couldn't sleep. I wonder if she's available later this week?

I hope you get a chuckle out of these two stories. And I sincerely hope you will contact our elected officials and express your opposition to the new ordinance.

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