There is a lot of crazy going on in our world these days. I am not referring only to the riots or the economic lockdown but more to the pseudo-intellectual crap and the behavioral demands being made by many in the public spotlight.

I received an email this week from a public relations firm asking if I wanted to interview motivational speaker, Tachelle Lawson. To say she's a motivational speaker is just a small part of what her website says she does but the promoter said she specifically wanted to talk about those people who do not like professional athletes or celebrities promoting Black Lives Matter and similar causes. In her opinion, if we do not support BLM or these athletes, then we should not be watching them perform. I did go to her website and she does not expound upon that because she's promoting herself to corporations and other groups as a motivational speaker. But I would say the given the ratings for the NBA, we've already decided that we're not going to watch them.

Drew Brees went from standing up for his beliefs regarding his family's participation in the military and why he wants to stand for the flag to wearing a piece of tape on his helmet that has Jacob Blake's name sprawled across it. How celebrating a convicted felon and sex offender who was threatening his victim accomplishes anything is beyond me. But I guess in these cases, as opposed to people like Brett Kavanaugh, what the individual did In his past doesn't really matter.

Nancy Pelosi gets caught being a hypocrite and is called out by one of the left's sacred cows, a single mom. Of course she blames the business owner and her hairdresser for misleading her and now the hairdresser and salon owner are getting death threats from Nancy's supporters. Given the way these people treat anyone with whom they disagree or who does not told their line, I'm wondering when the tolerance will show up.

History tells us that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis essentially defunded the police forces in Germany supplanting them with their own security force. I'm not sure how the Democrats don't see the correlation between defunding our police forces and replacing them with the security force from BLM. Somehow they are also making an argument that is believed by their followers, who in fact are the most mindless lemmings in the history of the world, that the police are being defunded by President Trump—a man who has absolutely no authority over the funding of municipal police departments.

Staying with the law-and-order theme, Kamala Harris has been helping to raise money for the Minneapolis Freedom Fund with a publicly stated purpose of paying the bail for protesters they have been arrested while "protesting." I have yet to see someone that was arrested for peacefully protesting as opposed to those who were rioting but that's beside the point. Among the people that the MFF has gotten released from jail are a convicted rapist accused of raping two women; a woman charged with murdering her best friend by stabbing her during a party; And the man that was videotaped shooting at Minneapolis police officers during the "protests."

LeBron James is doubling down on his demands that we wipe out everything we love about America. After he led a failed attempt to cancel the remaining portion of the NBA season in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake, he has now said that if the national anthem is not removed from NBA pregame activities he will quit the NBA. Certainly LeBron is an iconic basketball player but he might do well to be reminded that America and the League have survived many great players and great citizens leaving the public eye. I would challenge LeBron to fill a cup with water, stick his finger in the water and then remove his finger. America in the NBA will miss him about as much is whatever hole is left in the water after removing his finger.

I know I say this a lot, but I'm going to say it every opportunity: we must turn out in droves and vote in person this election. If we do not, the people that I have talked about in this column and those that support them will be in charge of our country, and I do not believe we can ever recover from that.