Today is a day to remember what happened. To remember not only the people that lost their lives in that horrible terrorist attack, but you also remember the people that rushed to their aid. To also remember the demographic characteristics did not matter. To remember that the only thing anyone thought about was helping their fellow citizen. While I am still optimistic, I have to wonder that if that attack occurred today would we have the same response?

Despite what he said, Joe Biden and the left want to defund the police, not President Trump & the right. Police are being demonized, attacked, and executed simply because they wear the uniform and are lumped in with a small percentage of their brethren that are bad apples. Morale is at an all-time low which makes you wonder how quickly would they be responding? Most of them would respond just as quickly as they did on the day of the attack. But what happens in the future?

As their budgets are being cut and fewer recruits want to join because of the negative connotations and the increased danger to their lives, there would not be as many first responders to come help. BLM has their own security force as do the Black Panthers. Would those security forces respond to the call for help? History tells us they will not because we have never seen them in Louisiana or Alabama or Texas saving black lives that have been destroyed by natural disasters. More often we see them destroying property or standing outside of voting centers intimidating those that they do not like. I would ask those of you that believe racism is systemic in our police forces how many times you've seen a police officer standing outside of a voting center keeping people from exercising their right to vote?

Once the left is done demonizing and destroying the police departments around our country, who's next? Fireman? EMTs? Of course, they will be because there must be a target to hate for the left to succeed politically. They will find a way to say that they are racist because of <insert reason here>.

Well today is correctly a day to remember those that perished in the attacks and those that died saving them, it is also a day to remember who was there to help. It is also a day to contemplate what truly would happen if Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their supporters get their way regarding our police forces. It is also a day to remember that we have the ability to stop this. Not only do we need to speak out, getting over the fear of being labeled racist, but we must also remember that we control what happens on Election Day.