unnamed 20Okay, it’s coming up to Hanukkah and Christmas—not to mention Kwanzaa! And so, once again, with some sensation of red-face here, I am nevertheless excited to announce my book Kidnapped On Safari comes out in mid-January—and I need your help. 

So, I am writing to ask for your help, as a friend, to help get the book off to a great start.

 A Few Things You Can Do That I Can’t (sadly, it is how publishing works these days); 

  1. Please order the book today –hardcover ($22.99) or eBook($12.99) —here.  Advance sales really help the buzz machine. I wrote the book for friends like you, and I’d love you to read it!
  2. Would you be kind enough to spread the word in social media? Your voice matters more than mine! If you can share the news of the book with your networks that will do more than any P.R. campaign in the world.
  3. If you know where I can speak, or promote the book... please let me know! I am happy to do interviews on blogs or podcasts.

I am truly thrilled to be sharing my book with you – it makes a great gift this time of year!

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!