You know, if you remove the ‘m’ from the middle of ‘cremate,’ you wind up with ‘create.’

Which reminds me -- God is Creator. He created the heavens and the earth -- from nothing. He created Adam from the dust. He created Eve from Adam’s rib. In fact, Paul tells us in the Book of Colossians that God (Jesus) created “all things.”

Bible scholars have not been able to find any Biblical prohibition against cremation as an alternative to burial. It seems to be a personal choice.

As a born-again Christian, what should you do? My opinion is if circumstances warrant cremation, go for it. If circumstances warrant burial, go for that. Just don’t avoid cremation because you’re afraid God can’t put your ashes together again. You’re not Humpty-Dumpty.

God’s not going to use our left-overs to create that new glorious body, anyway.

He’s going to create a new one.