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It works for me. I was going to open with “All I can say is, it works for me,” but then nothing else could be said. Fat chance!

How often has ‘it’ worked for me? Over and over and over again. Some may call it coincidence, or wishful thinking, or imagination. Beg to disagree. It’s happened too many times to be portrayed as chance or fancy.

Whether it was a late payment for a job worth tens of thousands of dollars, or a small rusty automotive part lost on a dirt road, or finding my hearing aids this morning, God graciously answered to shore up my struggling faith. Not to say God always answers my prayer my way. Faith that He sees what I can’t helps, when He says ‘No’ or ‘Wait.’

In praying for a person’s heart to be softened toward the gospel, or healing for a person suffering from cancer, or for a couple whose marriage in unraveling, I don’t always see God’s answer to the prayer right away. And, at my age, may never see God’s answer to those prayers. But, I know He hears and will answer in His own good time.

Many times, I don’t remember to pray until all else has failed. Other times, I remember to pray at the outset. Although God is always delighted to hear from us, I believe outset is better.

Sometimes I whip off a short one while driving. Other times the prayers are longer and with tears. James lets us know that the fervent prayer of a godly person gets a bunch done.

Paul told the Corinthians he prayed three times for his disability to leave him, and it didn’t. God told him it wouldn’t. Yet, Jesus in the parable of the midnight friend implies that persistence in prayer will be rewarded.

How does prayer work? I don’t know exactly. My first pastor said prayer was “kind of like nudging God.” I believe God’s heart has elbowroom for minor adjustments.

Pray, pray, pray!