Tell me again how the liberal mind works? Governor MLG has proposed making university educations free to NM students. We still have to pay the faculty, staff, administration, and costs of keeping the doors open, so where does that money come from? Taxes. in this cases, taxes on oil and gas companies. Two problems with that idea: first, Governor Moonbeam Jr. is doing her best to get rid of the fossil fuel industry in NM. For you public school graduates, that means they won't be able to collect taxes to pay for your public university education. Secondly, those companies will pass on the cost to, you know who, the consumer. That means you and I. We probably aren't taxed as much as Californians are, but she's getting us closer.

There is more evidence that Joe Biden used his position to not only enrich his son's company, but that he leveraged U.S. aid to stop an investigation into corruption involving his son than there is that President Trump committed any impeachable offense. Why aren't we investigating Joe Biden? You know.

If a couple in Alabama gets divorced are they still first cousins?

AOC has it wrong; the world is not going to end in 12 years, it's going to end on September 6, 2084. The European Space Union has begun tracking an asteroid that will come super close to our planet and is big enough to destroy all life if a direct hit were to happen. Because it's a relatively new discovery, scientists don't have enough information to accurately predict its course, but over the next decade, they'll be able to determine with more accuracy where it will travel. If they forgot to carry the '1' or divide by 0, then we could be toast. Or it will miss us by a million miles. I won't be around, so who cares?

It's easy to take a stand when the consequences are minimal. The NBA has prided itself on being the professional sports league that takes a stand for social justice. Remember when they moved the All-Star weekend festivities out of North Carolina because the state said men can't use women's bathrooms? But when taking a stand might cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue, not so much. Where are Lebron, Steve Kerr, Greg Popovich, and all the other social justice warriors? Seems they don't have an opinion about China's human rights abuses.

A man in Phoenix was upset about the noise coming from his upstairs neighbor's apartment. I've been in that situation, you're trying to sleep and they are stomping on their floor making all kinds of noise. His 'solution' may not have been the best course of action. The unidentified man fired several shots into his ceiling. Fortunately no one upstairs was hit. However the Darwin Award nominee was struck in the face by a bullet that ricocheted off of a pipe. He is in critical condition and in a medically induced coma. At least it's quiet now.

Bring on impeachment! I can't wait for Trey Gowdy to question Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the deep state conspirators.

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