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The Grant County Beat has teamed up with the Be a Neighbor Campaign to connect local organizations needing volunteers with those wanting to volunteer at https://www.grantcountybeat.com/community/be-a-neighbor 

Click on your option and begin making local connections to help our community.

If you want to VOLUNTEER:

-CLICK the button: I Want to Volunteer

Once you are brought to the Volunteer Hub on VOMO, click on the logo (VOMO) in the upper left hand corner. Once your page refreshes, there is an arrow to the right of the VOMO logo.

-Click on the arrow and make sure your location is correct. If it is not, CLICK EDIT. Type in your ZIP CODE and CLICK on the location that pops up.

Once this location is right, you can sign up to volunteer through any of the opportunities below.


-CLICK the button: I Need Volunteers

This will take you to the Be a Neighbor Campaign Page. Scroll down and enter your organizations information in the fields below. You will then be able to create volunteer oppurtunites.

The Beat would appreciate feedback on your experiences with this new option. Let us know by emailing editor@grantcountybeat.com.

Be a Neighbor