img 0899Lonnie L ShoupBy Frost McGahey

Despite recovering from a severely fractured leg, while in Utah last June preparing for one of several sanctioned off-road motorcycle races, Lonnie L Shoup [Editor's Note: the L has no period after it.] addressed a group of women voters to tell them why he's running for the Town Council, District #2.

Of the many reasons Shoup is running, he feels strongly that the police need to be supported and not defunded. "It only makes sense for the welfare and safety of everyone. I support the police and believe our town would benefit from more officers and training, not less."

One of the attendees who lives near Penny Park stated that after 5:00 p.m. the nature of the park completely changes with people drinking and passing out. She's complained to the town that the park smells of urine and vomit.

"If elected, I'd like to see if more money could be allocated to a police patrol whose primary purpose is to patrol parks and other areas of town."  

Note:  Silver City ranked 7th most dangerous city on The 10 Most Dangerous Towns In New Mexico To Live In (

Shoup is running as an Independent against Nick Prince. Early voting has started. Since he's a write-in candidate, it's important that eligible voters write in his name correctly:  Lonnie L Shoup.  L has no period after it.

Lonnie L Shoup can be contacted at