Grant County
Grant County, New Mexico wishes to inform all interested parties that a public hearing will be held at the following:

Date: December 19, 2019

Location: Grant County Administration Building/Commission Chambers
1400 Highway 180 E Silver City, NM 88061
Time: 6:00 PM

The purpose of this meeting will be to solicit input from property owners in the unincorporated Silver Acres area on the proposed Colonias designation. Colonias designation allows Counties, Municipalities and Special Districts the ability to apply for funding that may not otherwise be available to assist in establishing adequate water and sewer services, drainage, solid waste and roads. Grant County intends to apply for design funding through the Colonias Grant program for municipal sewer hookups along with updating water deficiencies, adding water services where they are not available and roadway reconstruction in the incorporated Silver Acres area.

 Those unable to attend the meeting may send written comments to:

 Grant County Administration Center
Michael Larisch
1400 Hwy 180 E. – P.O Box 898
Silver City, NM 88062