Public Sale


The City of Bayard will be holding a public sale by sealed envelope bid. Sealed bids must be submitted to the Office of the Municipal Clerk by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, March 13, 2020.

Sealed envelopes must be labeled with “CITY OF BAYARD PUBLIC SALE ITEM #____”. Only one bid item per sealed envelope.

The items for auction are listed below with the location address where the item can be viewed. Items can be viewed between March 2 and March 6, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Item # Description                     Condition                                                              Location

#1 1989 FMC Street Sweeper   Unknown                                                      Maintenance Shop

#2 1992 Chevrolet Suburban     Running condition                                     Wastewater Plant

#3 2007 Ford Crown Victoria    Runs, has a miss                                       Wastewater Plant

#4 2007 Ford Crown Victoria      Needs fuel pump                                      Maintenance Shop

#5 2005 Ford Crown Victoria        Wrecked/good engine and transmission Maintenance Shop

#6 2005 Ford Crown Victoria       Bad transmission                                  Maintenance Shop

#7 2003 Ford Crown Victoria       Running condition                                   Wastewater Plant

#8 1969 John Deere Backhoe       Running condition                         Wastewater Plant

#9 3 Phase Compressor                Running condition                           Wastewater Plant

#10 1994 Ford Truck                      Needs gear shift and                     Maintenance Shop
                                                   and back window ignition

#11 1971 Chevy Dump Truck           Needs engine                            Maintenance Shop

#12 1987 Dresser Loader                  Runs, needs radiator                   Maintenance Shop

#13 Napa Air Compressor               Needs compressor                   Wastewater Plant


Kristina Ortiz, CMC
Clerk Treasurer